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Sat Aug 05, 2006 9pm - midnight 
annihilatormaximum satanschizo deluxe / locomotive
black majestysix ribbonssilent company / limb-music
helloweenall over the nationsthe dark ride / nuclear blast
Agent SteelEarth Under Lucifer
Order of the Illuminati / Artillery Music
KalasMonuments To Ruins
Kalas / Tee Pee Records
Celtic FrostGround
Monotheist / Century Media
TerrorNothing to MeLowest of the Low / Bridge Nine
Kvass / Napalm Records America
Upon InflictionSurgical Murder
To Escape Is To Suffer / Crush Music
blind gaurdianprecious jerusalemnight at the oprera / century media
BattleshipYou Could Feel
Presents Princess / On/On Switch
Gravity X / Meteor City
Destiny's EndThe WatcherTransition / Metal Blade
interseedstill i standportrait of death / castle ultimate records
PageninetynineYour Face Is a Rape SceneDocument #8 / Robodog Records
FinalThe Light Orchestra
Final:3 / Neurot Recordings
NeurosisFloodOfficial BOOTLEG.02.STOCKHOLM / Neurot Recordings
SharkbaitVertical AssaultBlowtorch Face-Lift / Primitech Releases
AnthraxI'm the ManAttack of the Killer B's / (Unknown)
Forced EntryWe're DicksAs Above, So Below / (Unknown)
Destiny's EndTo Be ImmortalBreathe Deep the Dark / Metal Blade
ForbiddenTossed AwayTwisted Into Form / (Unknown)
gun barrellmy last alebattle tested / limb-music
SodomLords Of Depravity
Sodom / Spv Gmbh
GutbucketMoney Management For A Better Life
Sludge Test / Cantaloupe Music
Misery IndexSensory Deprivation
Discordia / Relapse Records
holy terrormortal fearterror and submission / poweage
iron maidendrifterkillers / Capitol
riotthunder steelthunder steel / cbs records
hammerfallthe dragon lies bleedingglory to the brave / nuclear blast
stratovariusplaying with firedestiny / noise records
gamma raymoneyheading for tomorrow / noise records
fates warningthe apparitionthe spectre within / Metal Blade