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Thu Jul 27, 2006 6am - 9am 
Ring SteppersIn Love With Skip
Ring Steppers / Quodlibet Recordings
Mike PattonBombe a ManoPranzo Oltranzista / Tzadik Records
Merzbowlyons wakeDoor Open at 8am / alien8 recordings
PussyfingerBlack Chorale
Chew And Swallow / Dielectric Records
Sonic Youth & Yamatsuka Eye33 One HalfStockhausen:Gesang Der Jungeli / Ecstatic Peace
Maja RatkjeAcid
Voice / Rune Grammofon
Ilhan MimarogluFanfareOutstanding Warrants / Southport Records
Jonathan HarveyScenaString Quartets, Lotuses, Scen / Auvidis
Mark FeldmanStalkerMusic for Violin Alone / Tzadik Records
Assif TsaharBy And By
Solitude / Hopscotch Records
Sun RaPrelude to StargazersMayan Temples / Black Saint
Meredith MonkWalking SongVolcano Songs / Ecm Records
Os MutantesA Minha Menina
Tropicalia / Soul Jazz Records
PolysicsTeil Teil Teil
Now Is The Time! / Tofu Records
SpazzJeb for Ruler of the (FormerCrush Kill Destroy / Slap a Ham
the LocustGluing Carpet to Your GenitaFlight of the Wounded Locust / Gold Standard Laboratorie
Rumpelstiltskin GrinderStealing E.T.
Buried In The Front Yard... / Relapse Records
Ante NataCrudo Sale / Sommer
Ante Nata / Actuelle Cd
Blectum From BlechdomPart of YouMessy Jesse Fiesta, the / Deluxe
God Is My Co-PilotPalmcoreMir Shlufn Nisht / Avant
Sounds of North American Frogstracks 17-19Biological Significance Of, th / Smithsonian/Folkways
Jim Mcauley1+2
Gongfarmer 18 / Nine Winds
William ParkerEl Puente SecoLong Hidden: The Olmec Series / Aum Fidelity
SpazzmodicsWhimsical Man BoobsVermin Perm / Dual Plover
Horse The BandTaken By Vultures
Mechanicalhand, The / Combat Records
WatchmakerLike A Crawling Humanity
Erased From The Memory Of Man / Willowtip
TruckfightersThe Deal
Gravity X / Meteor City
Misery IndexBreathing Pestilence
Discordia / Relapse Records
NasumOld and Tired?Human / Relapse Records
Sayyadina18 Hrs
Fear Gave Us Wings / Sound Pollution/Mcr
EarzumbaCelebrating Together
Simulando Un Refugio / Old Gold
Speedball BabyFucked Up TownSpeedball Baby / Pcp Entertainment
Gunter Muller & Jim O'rourkeAn Atlantean Returned KnowsSlow Motion / For 4 Ears Records
EarwickerThe Desert Is A Horrible Place To Die
All Seeing Ear / Resipiscent