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Wed Jul 19, 2006 9pm - midnight 
James Kochalka SuperstarTalk to the WookieDon't Trust Whitey / Tarquin Records
Fresno, Brian KennyYngway Smurfin' Malmsteen
Live On Kzsu / Outer a Records
Dressy BessyJust Once More
Dressy Bessy / Kindercore Records
Dream BitchesAsap My LoveSanfransisters / Olive Juice
Yiu Peng (Hong Kong)Don't Say I'm Silly
Asian Takeaways / Normal Records (Usa)
Raymond ScottSprite "Mellonball Bounce"
Manhattan Research Inc. / Basta
Ash WednesdayLove By NumbersCan't Stop It! / Chapter
KraftwerkExpo 2000 Kling Klang Mix 20Expo Remix / Astralwerks
8bit BettySpooky Loop
Too Bleep To Blop / Hippocamp
PolysicsWalky Talky
Now Is The Time! / Tofu Records
Add N to XSheez Mine
Loud Like Nature / Mute Records
the Dismemberment PlanThe Things that Matter"!" / Desoto Records
Les Savy FavCut It Out3/5 / Self-Starter Foundation
PolvoCrumbling DownExploded Drawing / Touch and Go
The Fucking OceanInvisible Line
Fucking Ocean Ep, The / Self Release
Summer in Abaddon / Touch and Go
the MicrophonesLanterns
Song Islands / K Records
Karl BlauBid-R-Bunch
Cloths Your I's / Knw-Yr-Own
MirahDont Die in Me
C'mon Miracle / K Records
Holiday FlyerTrainsLittle Darla Vol. 17 / Darla Records
MomusRobin HoodLittle Darla Vol 23 / Darla Records
Mc LarsIf I Had A Time Machine, That Would Be FreshGraduate, The / Nettwerk America
Le TigreThey Want Us to Make a SymphFrom the Desk of Mr. Lady / Mr. Lady
J+J+JSkeeball Vs. The MallThey Hump While We Go Nuts / Johanns Face Records
8-BIT/8-BIT / Ninja Star Records
Video Game MusicNullsleep
Mix Tape #8 / No Sides Records
Jereen TelAlloy Run Main ThemeInput 64: a Collection / Lado Musik Gmbh
MonotronaCadillac FantasyHawkeye & Firebird / Menlo Park Recordings
8bit BettyReading Rainbow
Too Bleep To Blop / Hippocamp
My Robot FriendI Know What Women Want
Hot Action! / Proptronix
CauralThey'll Make A Video Game Out Of Killing People Like YouRemembering Today / Mush Records
Stephin MerrittAt Madam Plum'sShowtunes / Nonesuch
Baby MongooseFifty Ninth Street Bridge SongEnter The Baby Mongoose / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Faud RamseyBatty Bat20 Bands Trash 20 Song / Bun Length, Etc.