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Tue Jul 04, 2006 9am - noon 
Dragons 1976Canopy
On Cortez / Locust Music
Saft/VuMr. MisterRagged Jack / Avant
Steve Coleman and Five ElemesCountry BamaCurves of Life / Bmg Music/Rca Records
Matthew ShippElectro Magnetism
One / Thirsty Ear Communication
Belogenis/Blumenkranz/WollesonOasis Of Dreams
Unbroken / Tick Tock
The WollesonsNe'emanVoices In the Wilderness (coll) / Tzadik
Liebig, Steuart/The MentonesChatterbox
Nowhere Calling / Pfmentum
Dubuis, Lucien TrioBouillie De CarottesTovorak / Tovorak
Rouge CielNostradamus L'avait Predit
Veuillez Proceder / Dame
This HeatRepeatRepeat / ReR Megacorp
Cowws QuintetGunstiGrooves 'n' Loops / Fmp Records
Sludge Test / Cantaloupe Music
Actis BandAllende
Allende / Leo Records
The ThingSounds Like A SandwichAction Jazz / Smalltown Superjazz
Whit DickeyIn a HeartbeatIn a Heartbeat / Clean Feed
Campbell, Roy QuartetStar Spangled BannerIt's Krunch Time / Thirsty Ear Communication
NegativlandOur National AnthemFree / Seeland Records
Sirota, Ted's Rebel SoulsKnife
Breeding Resistance / Delmark Records
Paul ShapiroLester Young's Misheberakh
Midnight Minyan / Tzadik Records
Machete Ensemble of S.F.Medicine ManBeets - a Collection of Jazz / Elemental
Ullmann/Dahlgren/RosenNo Mouthpiece
Cut It Out / Leo Records
Hebden, Kieran/Steve ReidMorning Prayer
Exchange Sessions Vol.1, The / Domino
TunnelsDevil's Staircase
Natural Selection / Buckyball Records
Denzler, Bertrand ClusterY?Y? / Leo Records
Ria / Floating Opera
Marc DucretWhat Did I Forget/Old Bro...Un Certain Malaise / Screwgun Records
Duckmandu!SpangledBeaglespam / None