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Sat Jun 17, 2006 midnight - midnight 
Fresno, Brian KennyBalloons And Loser Hole
Live On Kzsu / Outer a Records
Fresno, Brian KennySlurpees And Pornography
Live On Kzsu / Outer a Records
David CrossMy Wife's Crazy
Shut Up..(Censored for Radio a / Sub Pop Records
Masonic YouthCryptogram Vooroswald
Ordo Ab Surd / Resipiscent
Malcolm XWhite Man's LawWisdom of Malcolm X Disc 1, Th / Black Label, Inc.
Cactus2. Mix
Night Is Rising On The World / Resipiscent
Bill HicksGirl Of Your Dreams
Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 Pittsburgh, Pa 6/20/91 / Rykodisc
16 Bitch Pile UpBarbaracuda
Barbaracuda / !K7 Records
Butthole SurfersBbq Pope
Boss Studios Demos 1982 / None
David CrossCertain Leaders in Governmet
It's not Funny / Sub Pop Records
Ed Chang & Han DegcKnallend
Nois Und Stringe / Quodlibet Recordings
Green Day2000 Light Years AwayKerplunk / Lookout Records
Black flagWhite Minoritythe Decline of Western Civilization Soundtrack / Slach
MDCBusiness On Parade/Dead CopsMillions of Dead Cops / R Radical
DOAThe EnemySomething Better Change / Freinds Records
Black Randy and the Metro SquadSperm Bank BabyPass the Dust I think I'm bowie / Dangerhouse
Shattered FaithTrilogyWho Cares / American Standard
Minor ThreatLittle FriendOut of Step 12" / Dischord
Bill HicksDinosaurs in Teh Bible
Philosophy the Best of Bill Hi / Rykodisc
King MissileAmerica Kicks Ass
Royal Lunch / Important Records
David CrossMy Immigrant Mom Talks Funny
It's not Funny / Sub Pop Records
Cline, Nels + Jeremy DrakeB+C 3
Banning + Center / Nebsonic
Void Faith/Void split / Dischord
David CrossMy Immigrant Mom Talks Funny
It's not Funny / Sub Pop Records
Die KreuzenPain +Die Kreuzen / Touch and Go
Guaranteed KatchChambley
Mac Is Safe / Reality Impaired
Instant Asshole7th Heaven
Straight Edge Failure / Trankcrimes
Guaranteed KatchThe Sociable
Mac Is Safe / Reality Impaired
Culturcidedisco say gooodbye!!!bye bye!!! / fuck you colon fowell