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Tue May 16, 2006 9am - noon 
Go-Go FightmasterBuffy Is Dead
Go-Go Fightmaster / Pax Recordings
Dubuis, Lucien TrioDe NuitTovorak / Tovorak
Green Milk From the Planet OraDemagog
City Calls Revolution / Beta-Lactam Ring Records
Tim/Paraphrase BerneTrading On All Fours
Pre-Emptive Denial / Screwgun Records
Anderson, Fred TrioMultidimensional RealityLive at the Velvet Lounge / Okka Disk
Erik FriedlanderRain Bearers
Prowl / Cryptogramophone
Dave DouglasPainter's Way
Meaning And Mystery / Greenleaf Music
Agrazing MazeWe Apologize For The Inconvenience
At The End Of The Day / Foxhaven Records
Pavone, Mario SextetZines
Deez To Blues / Playscape Recordings
Steve LacyMonk MedleySolo: Live at Unity Temple / Wobbly Rail
Goldberg, Ben QuintetLong Last Moment
Door, The Hat, The Chair, The Fact, The / Cryptogramophone
the Fonda-Stevens GroupDon't Go BabyLive at the Bunker / Leo Records
Zimbabwe NkenyaBridge And Coda
Zimbabwe Nkenya And The New Jazz / High Mayhem
Ibarra, Susie/Denis CharlesKulintang MedleyDrum Talk / Wobbly Rail
Leandre, Joelle/Mark NauseefEvident 3
Evident / 482 Music
The Uninvited GuestsHigh Mayhem Studio, 1-14-2005
Live Recordings V.01 / High Mayhem
Roland RamananI No Em
Caesura / Emanem
Charles GayleTime Zones
Time Zones / Tompkins Square