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Wed Apr 26, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
Herbie HancockRockitEssential Herbie Hancock, The / Columbia
Sun RaDiscipline/Outer Space E.M.Concert for the Comet Kohoutek / Get Back
Daniel MencheHere Is Proof That You Are Not A Ghost
Scattered Remains: Early Rarities / Sol
Patton OswaltAmerica is like a retarded kid with nuclear weapons and a trust fund222 / none
PorestSwirly Gates
Mood Noose / Resipiscent
PorestTom And His Wife
Mood Noose / Resipiscent
Brian KenneyCrazy Psycho (Jump Up And Kill Yourself)
F Is For Fresno / Bongload
Steven WrightIce
I Have A Pony / Warner Brothers (Modern)
CulturcideStar Spangled Banner/BruceTacky Souveniers from Pre-Revolutionary America / none
Butthole SurfersThe Shah Sleeps
Boss Studios Demos 1982 / None
Black Randy and the Metro SquadI Slept in an ArcadePass the Dust I think I'm Bowie / Dangerhouse
The Woolly BanditsOctopus
Say Hello To My Little Friend / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
John Trubee & the Ugly JanitoYoure Getting Old
Blind Man's Penis, Prank Phone / Musical Tragedies
Ramsey KearneyBlind Man's Penis
American Song-Poem, the / Bar/None Records
Tangela TricoliJet Lady
Jet Lady / Arf Arf Records
Patton OswaltBush is a Supervillan222 / none
Carey's ProblemLed ZeppelinArena of Shame / Problem Songs
JapantherFurrs Is Gone
Yer Living Grave / Menlo Park Recordings
SubtonixInto the Fire7" split with glass candy / Troubleman Unlimited
Fire EnginesEverything's Roses
Codex Teenage Premonition / Domino Records
Lost Sounds1+1=NOTHING1+1=NOTHING / Empty Records
Glass CandyCrytal Migraine7" split with subtonix / Troubleman Unlimited
Lost SoundsClones Don't Love
Lost Sounds / In the Red Records
Los Tres CaballerosEl RelojLos Tres Caballeros / Capitol
Black FlagMy War (Radio Tokyo Session)
Demos 1982 And More / None
NirvanaAin't It A Shame (Studio Demo)
Sliver: The Best Of The Box / Dgc
Al PerryI Think So Too
Always a Pleasure / Addled
Delta 5Make Up
Singles & Sessions 1979-81 / Kill Rock Stars
Airport + Ants / D1st
LOGAthe porpoise and the hair7" / none
NirvanaOh The Guilt
Sliver: The Best Of The Box / Dgc
Black FlagNervous Breakdownoriginal 7" / SST
Bomb SquadGenocideChildren of War / Bouncing Betty
Toxic ReasonsMercinaryThe Mastertape / Affermation
Shattered FaithTrilogyWho Cares / American Standard
Zero BoysHuman BodyMastertape / Affirmation
SuspectsHollywood NightmareWho Cares / American Standard
Die Kreuzenall threeMastertape / Affermation
Conflict (Us)Dont Listen To The News
Live January 18, 1983 / None
NON+Smegmaside A7" (1979) / Mute
Throbbing Gristlewe hate you little girls7" (we hate you little girls ) 1981 / Adolescent
Unearthly TranceYou Get What You Want
Trident, The / Relapse Records
ReatardsMake It Fit
Not Fucked Enough / Empty Records
Patton OswaltHippie Parents222 / none
DesolationThe Only Key
Desolation / Prank
Bill HicksWorking
Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 Pittsburgh, Pa 6/20/91 / Rykodisc
the Medea ConnectionWork
Bell Ringer, the / Curve of the Earth
ChadwickBlood Soaked Intro
Blood Soaked World / Fingar Media
CassetteboyFly Me to New York (FeaturinParker Tapes, the / Barry's Bootlegs
Immortal TechniqueThe Cause of DeathRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records