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Wed Apr 12, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
The Woolly BanditsBooze Cruisin'
Say Hello To My Little Friend / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Biafra, Jello & Nixon, MojoLove Me, I'm a LiberalPrairie Home Invasion / Alternative Tentacles
Black FlagMy War (Radio Tokyo Session)
Demos 1982 And More / None
Black FlagInterview (Radio Tokyo Session)
Demos 1982 And More / None
Black FlagSwinging Man (Radio Tokyo Session)
Demos 1982 And More / None
Patton OswaltCostco and Kids222 / none
Naing NaingSarabande
Toothbrush Fever / Re-Aktion
AdolescentsI Hate ChildrenAdolescents / Frontier
Patton OswaltCool Parents Make for Asshole Children222 / none
Butthole SurfersSomething She Said
Boss Studios Demos 1982 / None
Brian KenneyThat's Who!
F Is For Fresno / Bongload
Trlateral Progression / Willowtip
Gays In The MilitaryHuman CannonballPeople Is Beautiful / Gulcher Records
JapantherShelfish Kids
Yer Living Grave / Menlo Park Recordings
ThermoYoung Master
Tourinf Inferno / Inoxia
Gang WizardLive at the Smell
2003 Winter Tour Part 2 / Self Release
Chuck7Huyens ProbeChuck7 / Phil-beat Records
Sonic YouthInhuman/The World Looks RedConfusion is Sex / SST
Schedule IILoma Prieta / eatmyfuckasshole records
Pallaschtom / Skin Graft Records
Lightning BoltMagic Mountain
Hypermagic Mountain / Load Records
IndianLos Nielos
Unquiet Sky, The / Seventh Rule Recordings
Daniel MencheHere Is Proof That You Are Not A Ghost
Scattered Remains: Early Rarities / Sol
Ralph NaderFreedom Of Contract
Campaign Speech, Stanford Memorial Auditorium October 23, 2000 / Outer a Records
Paper LegsPeoples March
Tent School / Heat Retention Records
Low Fi ConfessionalInterview
#7 Re:Gression / Grand Deceiver Records
Laddio BolockoLaddio's Money (Death of a P
Life and Times of Laddio B, th / No Quarter
ChadwickBlood Soaked Intro
Blood Soaked World / Fingar Media
Bill HicksThe News
Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 Pittsburgh, Pa 6/20/91 / Rykodisc
F-MinusWorld Still Turns
Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society / Alternative Tentacles
Bill HicksVs. The Audience 2
Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 Pittsburgh, Pa 6/20/91 / Rykodisc
ReatardsKeep On Walkin' Away
Not Fucked Enough / Empty Records
Bill HicksSummer Trip
Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 Pittsburgh, Pa 6/20/91 / Rykodisc
BanditasSan FranciscoBanditas / Last Drag Records
The SubwaysOh Yeah
Young For Eternity / City Pavement
JonesesPill BoxSomeone's Gonna Get Their Head / Better Youth Records
The Young PlaythingsSweet Pea
Pick Up With... / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
The FeldmansAssbackwards And Alcoholed
Geek, The / Boombox Productions
Anita LaneI'm a BelieverDirty Sings / Mute