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Wed Feb 22, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
MedicineArucaMedicine / Creation Records
Space NeedleBefore I Lose My StyleVoyager / Zero Hour Records
Talking HeadsDrugsFear of Music / Sire
MonitorI Saw Dead Jim's ShadeMonitor / World Imitation Records
Throbbing GristleWeepingD.o.A. / Mute
Andrea La RoseBreakbeat
Anti-Social Music Sings The Great American Songbook / Peacock
Lydia KavinaSuite - Moderato
Music From The Ether: Original Works For Theremin / Mode Records
White2 / Southern Lord Recordings
Bastard NoiseBrotherhood. Execution StyleAnalysis of Self-Destructi, th / Alien 8 Recordings
Jimi Hendrix...And the Gods Made LoveElectric Ladyland / Capitol Records Inc.
LichensKirlian Auras
Psychic Nature Of Being, The / Kranky
EarthLens Of Unrectified Night
Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method / Southern Lord Recordings
GrowingA PaintingSky's Run Into the Sea, the / Kranky
GrotusWere and American Band7" / Smelly
Amerijuanican / Relapse Records
NauseaLie Cycle
Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1, The / Alternative Tentacles
TerrorizerDead Shall RiseGrind Crusher / Earache
Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society / Alternative Tentacles
F-MinusCan't Tell No One
Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society / Alternative Tentacles
Michael GrossForeign Friend
Telephone Solicitor's Nightmae / R Independent
Arboga Teenage Riot10
Ugly Crew Demos / Daft Alliance
Happy Lawn GnomesModern Space Invader
Psycho Pop Volume 1. / Acidsoxx Musicks
PorestMillennial Smoothie
Prude Juice for the Heritage S / Seeland Records
HellaGothspel For You Not Them
Homeboy / 5RC
Guillotine / Scratch Recordings
Men's Recovery ProjectStubble On The Chin Of A Vicious Brute
Best Of Men's Recovery Project, The / 5 Rue Christine