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Mon Feb 06, 2006 9am - noon 
Ilhan MimarogluTract: Part I
Agitation / Locust Music
Koji AsanoRabbit Room Reservation Center Ii
Rabbit Room Reservation Center / Solstice
Syklubb Fra Haelvete / Important Records
John ZornNever Againkristallnacht / Tzadik
Lamp Leaking Dead FliesWinter Winter
Your Hand Is Twisting Fires / Mile 329
2ND GenHex
Flicknives / Q, Mass
BradburyThe Van
Ruffini Corpuscle / Dual Plover
Aemae41667Helical Word, The / Isounderscore
Kyoko KobayashiCat Canon
Diy Canons / Pogus Productions
Lightning BoltDuel in the DeepWonderful Rainbow / Load Records
Sunn 0)))Cry For The Weeper
Black One / Southern Lord Recordings
SkullflowerStarry Wisdom
Orange Canyon Mind / Crucial Blast
Venetian SnaresAanguishMeathole / Planet Mu Records Ltd.
Build a Fort, Set that on Fire / The Agriculture
Neon HunkMy Unicorn: My Ride
Smarmy Mob / Load Records
El PStepfather FactoryFantastic Damage / Def Jux
Immortal TechniqueThe 4TH BranchRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Saul WilliamsList of Demands
Saul Williams / Fader
Danger Doombenzi box
the mouse and the mask / Epitaph Records
Cannibal OxThe F Word CleanF Word, the / Def Jux
Crime in ChoirHot Slant
Hoop, the / Frenetic Records
Summer Set / Gigante
The Fucking OceanCovered Uncovered
Fucking Ocean Ep, The / Self Release
Fabulous DisasterRich Bitches in VolvosPut Out or Get Out / Pink & Black Records
Young Marble GiantsOde to Booker T.
Colossal Youth / Les Disques Du Crepuscule