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Wed Jan 18, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
EarthLand Of Some Other Order
Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method / Southern Lord Recordings
EarthLens Of Unrectified Night
Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method / Southern Lord Recordings
Pj HarveyTo Bring You My LoveTo Bring You My Love / Island Records (World)
Butthole SurfersHeyButthole Surfers / Alternative Tentacles
the VandalsUrban StrugglePeace Thru Vandalism / Epitaph Records
The Gun ClubFor the Love of IvyFire of Love / Slash
Youth ManifestoBad Religion SegmentYouth Manifesto (cassette 1982) / Youth Manifesto
Sunn 0)))It Took The Night To Believe
Black One / Southern Lord Recordings
Husker DuReal World/Dianecassette recording 1-18-83 Tucson's Backstage / download at
Youth ManifestoBlack Flag segmentYouth Manifesto (cassette 1982) / Youth Manifesto
JonesesPill BoxSomeone's Gonna Get Their Head / Better Youth Records
Royal TruxJunkie NurseRoyal Trux / Drag City
Dream SyndicateHalloweenThe Days of Wine and Roses / Slash
Birdsongs of the MesozoicTriassic Jurassic CretaceousEP / Ace of Hearts
Made In MexicoFace Of The Earth
Zodiac Zoo / Skin Graft Records
Disposable G-d SquadChildLet the Mad Rumpus Begin / Mad Entropic Carnival
BongwaterReaganationDouble Bummer / Shimmy Disc
CulturcideLousy Parents Messed Up KidsShort EP / Delayed
Big StickShoot the PresidentDrag Racing / Blast First
the Moldy PeachesNyc's Like a Graveyard
Moldy Peaches, the / Rough Trade
Big StickDrag RacingDrag Racing / Blast First
Warlock PinchersDevil Without a PauseDeadly Kung Fu Action / Boner
Lenny BruceThe Joke
Let The Buyer Beware: Disc 3 "Ben Webster Is Jewish" / Shout! Factory
Steven MillerTwin Canon
Diy Canons / Pogus Productions
Windy And CarlThe Eternal Struggle
Dream House / Dedications To Flea, The / Kranky
ElectrocuteFun Is A Floppy Bitch
Troublesome Bubblegum / Emperor Norton
Neon BlondeBlack Cactus Killers
Chandeliers In The Savannah / Dim Mak
Blown Paper BagsPanda Gang
Aim Your Cameras / Suiteside
The Fucking OceanFarce Of History
Fucking Ocean Ep, The / Self Release
SwimmersHot Pocket
We Swam As for Behavior Our Be / Louisiana Purchase Record
XbxrxMake Force
Sixth In Sixes / Polyvinyl Record Co.
SpacehorseHang Your Child
Spacehorse / Gravity Records
UnwantedOne Life to LiveShattered Silence / BYO
FeederzJesusJesus 7" / Placebo
The SkeptixSuch Is War
...So The Youth / Thunk Records
SwansHalf LifeCop / K.422
KillwhitneydeadI Didn't Know "I Love You" Came With A Knife In The Back
Never Good Enough For You / Tribunal
Machine Gun RomanticsCookies
Everything So Far / 625 Thrashcore
DestructionTwist Of Fate
Inventor Of Evil / Candlelight Records
Northern Song Dynasty/Cristal / All Is Number
Rodd KeithDon't Be A Dope
Saucers In The Sky / Roaratorio