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Thu Dec 08, 2005 1am - 3am 
Tera MelosMelody 2Tera Melos / Springman Records
the BananasAdventures of the Incorrigib
Nautical Rock N Roll / Independent
Burroughs, William S. & CobainThe "Priest" They Called Him"Priest" They Called Him, the / T/K
Gogol BordelloOh No
Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike / Side One Dummy
El Michels AffairDetroit Twice
Sounding Out The City / Truth & Soul Records
Shel SilversteinA Front Row To Hear Ole Johnny Sing
Best Of Shel Silverstein His Words His Songs His Friends, The / Columbia
Cerberus ShoalWyrm
Land We All Believe In, The / North East Indie Records
XbxrxDeaf Ears, Silent Voice
Sixth In Sixes / Polyvinyl Record Co.
PixiesIs She WeirdBossanova / Elektra Records (West Coa
RefusedSummerholidays Vs. PunkroutiShape of Punk to Come, the / Epitaph Records
Tom WaitsThe Briar and the RoseBlack Rider, the / Island Records (World)
Two GallantsJesus Waxen Old
Two Gallants / None
Joe WestStraight Man In A Gay WorldHuman Cannonball, The / Frogville Records
Cerberus ShoalBaby Gal
Bastion Of Itchy Preeves / North East Indie Records
Animal CollectiveGrass
Feels / Fat Cat Records
Noam ChomskyPolling The "Great Beast" Of Public Opinion
Imperial Presidency, The / Ak Press
ComadreMess with the Best Undress T
Comadre / None
This Bike Is a Pipe BombThis Is What I Want
Front Seat Solidarity / Plan-It-X Records
Againts Me!The Disco Before the BreakdoDisco Before the Breakdown, th / No Idea