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Sun Oct 23, 2005 9pm - midnight 
High ContrastTutti Frutti
High Society / Breakbeat Science
Dave TarridaDave Tarrida Plays Records-the beginningTresor Globus Mix Vol. 6 / Tresor
the Black DogBarbola WorkSpanners / Eastwest Records (Modern)
PanaceaSinecoreClicks_+_Cuts / Mille Plateaux
Alva NotoModule 7
Transform / Mille Plateaux
Vladislav DelayHolidayClicks & Cuts 2 / Mille Plateaux
Polygon WindowQuothSurfing on Sine Waves / Wax Trax
Spokes / Warp Records
Michelle Branch/DJ JoeyEverywhere Distortion Suite IRemixes and Distortions Vol 1 / white
Boubacar TraoreDounia Tabolo
Kongo Magni / World Village
Zohreh JooyaGan Jan
Persian Nights / Arc Music Inc.
Wapa SakitanouMessieu E Dam' Bonsoir
Music of Martinique, the / Arc Music Inc.
Kuti, Fela AnikulapoRoforofo FightMusic Is The Weapon Of The Future / Exworks Records
DJ Michael "5000" Watts feat. Lil MarioBig Pimpin Screwed and Chopped Remix-- / white
Tito PuenteBlack Brothers
Rough Guide to Tito Puente / World Music Network
Sahraoui BachirFid El Youm
Rough Guide Sahara / World Music Network
Prototyp / Northside
the Love Hall TrystJack in the Green
Songs of Misfortune / Appleseed Recordings
BjorkStormMusic From Drawing Restraint 9, The / One Little Indian
the Love Hall TrystDo not Fear the Dark
Songs of Misfortune / Appleseed Recordings
Winston Jarrett & the RighteoWiseman
Survival Is the Game / Young Tree Records
Marclay, Tone, WolffEvent
Event / Asphodel
Fredrik Soegaard & Hasse Poulsentrack 3
...And We Also Caught A Fish / Leo Records
Heiner GoebbelsHerakles 2Ensemble Modern / Ecm Records (Usa)
Dave TarridaDave Tarrida Plays Records-near the endTresor Globus Mix Vol. 6 / Tresor