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Fri Aug 05, 2005 6pm - 8pm 
Soul DiggersSoul Dig
Soul Fire: the Majesti / Truth & Soul Records
M.I.A.Galang (Clean Edit)
Arular (Clean Edit) / Xl Recordings
Roots ManuvaRebel Heart
Awfully Deep / Big Dada
NegativlandKeep Rollin'
No Business / Seeland Records
Ryuichi Alva Noto & SakamotoLogic Moon
Insen / Asphodel
Rachid TahaNah'seb
Tekitoi / Wrasse Records
Natacha AtlasEye of the Duck
Best Of... / Mantra/Beggers Banquet
Khan, Nusrat Fateh AliTere Main Ishq Nachae
Ultimate: Volume 2, the / Narada
Animal Collective W/ Vashti BuProspect Hummer
Prospect Hummer / Fat Cat Records
the Rogers Sisters45 Prayers (Japanese)
Les Fantaisies Sont Bien / Troubleman Unlimited
Nourallah BrothersI Wanna Be An ArtistNourallah Brothers: Reissue / Western Vinyl
Sleater-KinneyModern Girl
Woods, the / Sub Pop Records
Emperor XSpear onFriendarmy/Fractaldunes / Discos Mariscos
EelsTo Lick Your BootsBlinking Light and Other Revel / Vagrant Records
Femi Kuti1,2,3,4
Live at the Shrine / Palm Pictures, Inc.
Phillip GlassMusic with Changing PartsMusic with Changing Parts / Elektra Records (Local)
O.M.F.O.Tixi Rock
Trans Balkan Express / Essay Recordings
Black Cat OrchestraLeylim, Leylim
Long Shadows at Noon / Yoyo Recordings
Russen Soul / Trikont
Shukar CollectiveShub
Urban Gypsy / Riverboat Records
Zeena ParkinsNailsMouth=Maul=Betrayer / Tzadik Records
Trovesi, Gianluigi/Gianni CoscDov'e La Citta?
Round About Weill / Ecm Records
Blevin BlectumUpright Locked DownTalon Slalom / Deluxe
Blevin BlectumUpright Locked DownTalon Slalom / Deluxe
Zeena ParkinsVexed ZeitNo Way Back / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Babatunde LeaAncestral Stroll
Suite Unseen: Summoner of the / Motema Music
Mingus DynastyWedesday Prayer Meeting
I Am Three / Sue Mingus Music
Melford, Myra/The TentNo News at All
Where the Two Worlds Touch / Arabesque Jazz
Fred Lonberg-HolmAlmost Mid-Day
Other Valentines / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Tsahar, Assif/New York UndergrSeventh
Fragments / Hopscotch Records
Erik TruffazSaloua
Saloua / Blue Note
Cline, Alex, Koaru, Miya MasaoRobot Mudra
Cloud Plate / Cryptogramophone
Byla / Translation Loss Records