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Sun Jul 03, 2005 3pm - 6pm 
Shukar CollectiveThe Wind
Urban Gypsy / Riverboat Records
the Graves Brothers DeluxeDrinking at the Sea StarLight / Good Forks
ToledoSonny & LorraineFishnets & Cigarettes / Moonshine Music
Bonfire MadiganAnthemic Amendments...From the Burnpile / Kill Rock Stars
the Lost TrioMy Bucket's Got a Hole in ItRemembrance of Songs Past / Evander Music
Scheinman, Jenny QuartetThrough the DarkLive at Yoshi's / Tzadik Records
Carla Kihlstedt50 Miles
2 Foot Yard / Tzadik Records
Scientific AmericanVictory Hold StillStrong for the Future / Mush Records
PigfaceMethylatedA New High in Low / Invisible Records
Spector ProtectorsongLive On KZSU / Outer A Records
King TubbyDromilly SkankBring the Dub Come / Heartbeat
Two GallantsYou Losin' Out
Throes, the / Alive Records
ShotwellWorld Turned Upside Down
Slow Down Kids! / Snuffy Smile
Former Members of AlfonsinScreaming for ChangeFormer Members of Alfo / <No Label Info>
DiscargaParasitaHappy Night Electric Experienc / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Crispus AttucksRed Black Blood AttackRed Blood Black Attack / Soda Jerk Records
Brutal DeathNapalm StrikeBrutal Death / RSR
Mac hine Gun Romanticsthe running man runs for officeEverything So Far / Dangerously Small Records
GodstomperA Better TomorrowGodstomper/Bizarre X / Tvg Records
EskapoBalewalang SamahanEskapo / Independent
Lords of LightDevastotorLords of Light / 625 Play Fast, Eh?
ThreatenerBuried with ChainsawTomorrow Will Be Worse / Sound Polution
Iron LungcondemedLife. Iron Lung. Death. / 625 Play Fast, Eh?
La PlebeLa PostaConquista 21 / Independent
Love SongsThere's no L in Fool, Foo
All Branches, no Trunk / New Disorder
R.A.M.B.OTrued 'til DeathWall of Death the System / Six Two Five Thrashcore
R.A.M.B.O.If Our Leaders Are Impotent
Bring It! / Havoc Records
Brody's MilitiaInto ExtentionBrody's Militia/Widespread Blookshed split / Sound Polution
Castrator Album, the / Six Weeks
Widespread BloodshedShockwaveBrody's Militia/Widespread Blookshed split / Sound Polution
A Piece of It / Deviant Records
the A-LinesFour
You Can Touch / Sympathy for the Record I
the VoidsForgottenVoids, the / Brass Records
Best PalzYou're Number OneBest Palz / Smirk / Broken Rekids
Brutal DeathDisolving in BileThe Revenge of the Rough Gring Calamaria Rings / RSR
Go Like Thismoney hungry dummiesDouble Homicide Split 12" / alimentary music
Caustic ChristBlank Stare
Can't Relate / Havoc Records
BallastResign YourselfNumb Again / Ballast Records
KylesaBottom Line
To Walk a Middle Course / Prosthetic Records
Betray the SpeciesUntitled
Sleepwalker / Can't Stop Eating Records
SarosAncient Memory
Saros / None
LudicraIn the Greenest Maze
Another Great Love Song / Alternative Tentacles
Apotheker, the / Blurred Records
AsunderA Clarion Call
A Clarion Call / Life Is Abuse
Clarinet ThingEchoes of Harlem
Agony Pipes and Misery Sticks / Bc Records (Texas)
Fred Lonberg-HolmEast of Uz
Other Valentines / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Melford, Myra/The TentBrainfire and Buglight
Where the Two Worlds Touch / Arabesque Jazz
Rova :: OrkestrovaPart 4
Electric Ascension / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Scott Amendola BandOladipo
Believe / Cryptogramophone
Sanders, Pharoah QuintetSeven By Seven
Pharoah's First / Esp
Parker, William QuartetSound Unity
Sound Unity / Aum Fidelity