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Thu Jun 30, 2005 9pm - midnight 
AgallochKneel To The CrossOf Stone, Wind And Pillory / The End
Killing JokeFall of BecauseFor Beginners / Caroline Records
Beyond DawnThe PenancePity Love / Candlelight
Dinosaur Jr.Bulbs of PassionDinosaur Jr. / Merge Records
the ValleyKisses, Hugs and Perscriptio
Valley, the / The Swingline Records
Spirit CaravanHealing TongueLast Embrace, the / Meteor City
ChastainThe King Has The PowerRuler Of the Wasteland / Shrapnel
Rogue MaleCrazy MotorcycleFirst Visit / Elektra
25 SuavesTurn Up the Music
I Want It Loud / Bulb Records
Shame LadyAmerican Meat Wife
Winter Days Were Nights, the / Rotten Records
KylesaIn Memory
To Walk a Middle Course / Prosthetic Records
Judas PriestSavageStained Class / Columbia
AmebixArise!Make Some Fucking Noise! / Arson
the InsaintsWhore
Sins of Saints / Disaster Records
Gogol BordelloEast Infection
East Infection / Rubric Records
the AdolescentsCreatures
Complete Demos 1980-1986, the / Frontier
Full Blown CherryRide on
Rock-A-Billy Tribute to Ac, th / Cmh Records
the Four EyesNerdy Girl
Rock & Role Playing / Plastic Idol Records
Toy DollsMy Girlfriend's Dad Is A VicarA Far Out Disc / Sanctuary
BuzzcocksBoredomFrench / IRS
the Flesh EatersNo Questions Asked
No Questions Asked / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Paint It BlackMemorial Day
Paradise / Jade Tree
A..S.E.That's NewsJenseits der Stille / Cogs & Core/Barbern Musi
Caustic ChristDestructive and Desperate
Can't Relate / Havoc Records
Poison IdeaNation Of FinksFeel The Darkness / American Leathjer
R.A.M.B.O.Unhindered By Hope
Bring It! / Havoc Records
Attitude AdjustmentRamboAmerican Paranoia / Pusmort
Bad BrainsYou're a MigraineBad Brains / Caroline/Astralwerks
Mass MediaJag Vill IngentingCOLL: Bloodstains Across Sweden / Redrum
PankrtiLepi in prazniCOLL: Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia / Redrum
Dillinger FourUnemployedThe Shit Is Genius - A Collection of Songs from 1994-1997 / THD
Crude S.S.Bullying A NationThe System You Hate / Systema Records
WarhammerMasters of FatalismCurse of the Absolute Eclipse / Grind Syndicate
Celtic FrostThe UsurperTo Mega Therion / Noise
SolsticeThe Sleeping TyrantCOLL: Presumed Guilty / Misanthropy
the AccusedTake My Time
Louder than Hell / Six Weeks
Citizen's ArrestBriviba/Touch n& GoColossus / Wardance
Extreme Noise TerrorShock TreatmentCOLL: Hardcore Holocaust II: The Peel Sessions / Strange Fruit
BathoryThe Return Of Darkness & EvilTrue Black Essence History / RS-99
MotorheadOverkillNo Remorse / Bronze
EsotericBereftEpistemological Despondency / Aesthetic Death