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Sun Aug 04, 2002 3pm - 6pm 
the Gone OrchestraHoneysuckle RoseNo Price Too High / (Unknown)
Man Felt An Iron Hand Grasp Hi / Temporary Residence
Cerberus ShoalOmphalosHomb / Temporary Residence
El GuapoRumbledreamSuper/System / Dischord
Rumah SakitHello Friend this Is My End
Obscured By Clowns / Secretly Canadian Records
the PupilsThe mind is a hole in the bodyPupils, the / Dischord
PiebaldThe Sea and a LifesaverWhen Life Hands You Lemons / Hydra Head
Lo-LiteSideshowSidekicks / Slovenly Recordings
the PuritansCat Collar BlueSing the Hymns of Shoutin' Abn / Go Kustom
the Fucking ChampsNever Enough Neck Pt. 1V / Drag City
the CalculatorsThis Is EvolutionCircuit Breaking Silence / The Future of Rock N Roll
FoiblesBecky Never Left San FrancisCool Beans! #13 - Evic / Cool Beans Records
Lightning BoltRide the SkyRide the Skies / Load Records
the LocustAlas Here Come the HypochondFlight of the Wounded Locust / Gold Standard Laboratorie
All You Can EatGaffers Tape & Super GlueBanana Split / Monitor Records
MilemarkerSignal FrozeFrigid Forms Sell / Lovitt Records
PageninetynineYour Face Is a Rape SceneDocument #8 / Robodog Records
Scholastic DethRevenge of the NerdsRevenge of the Nerds / Six Two Five Thrashcore
LackPessimist Poetry
Blues Moderne:Danois Explosifs / Scene Police
Scott Baio ArmyJohnny Rad's Skateboard Shuf
Join the Army / Bad People Records
HickeyMake Sure there Aren't AnyBanana Split / Monitor Records
the BananasRebeccaNew Disorder Soda / New Disorder Records
PanthersUp Against the Wall
Are You Down / Troubleman Unlimited
Life's HaltLife's HaltBarbaric Thrash Demoli / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Born AgainstResist ControlOur Voice Pro-Choice / Hands on
Jellyroll RockheadsJellyroll RockheadsBarbaric Thrash Demoli / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Pop DefectPrickle goes to workMouths Off / Heart Murmur Records
Death of MaratSnake Oil MerchantsAll Eyes Open / Stickfigure
V.ReverseClinical RockNow>Then:Complete Recordings / Arms Reach Recordings
Small Brown BikeLike a Future with no FriendDead Reckoning / No Idea
Seven Days of SamsaraBury Your HeadA Reason to Sing / Ea Records
His Hero Is GoneHeadcountFifteen Counts of Arson / Prank
Agents of SatanKlaw Bo ConnectionAgents of Satan/No Les / Bad People Records
Abc DiaboloIn Handling AnimalsLast Intoxication of Senses / Common Cause
GnobThe Gnobstrosity
Pig Destroyer/ Gnob / Robodog Records
AcridBoiling BloodAcrid / Bombs of Death / No Idea
Blame GameMemri Caza Su ColaResult of a Waste of Talen, th / Stickfigure
Purple WindPurple WindPurple Wind / Ryokan Recordings
Greenlief, Phillip/Trevor DunnGirlfriendPhilip Greenlief Trevor Dunn / Evander Music
School DaysOff the TopIn Our Times / Okka Disk
Tim BerneJalapeno Diplomacy
Science Friction / Screwgun Records
Harriet TubmanChief of PolicePrototype / Disk Union
Find / Hopscotch (Ibarra/Tsahar)
Ibarra, Susie TrioTrance No. 2Songbird Suite / Tzadik Records
Jemeel/Parker/Drake MoondocThree Clay PotsNew World Pygmies Vol. 2 / Eremite