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Wed May 11, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
SepulturaRatamahattaRoots / Roadrunner Records
Steve LiebermanDedert Viet-Nam 2004
Arbeiter at the Gate / Self Release
Sonic YouthSuperstarIf I Were a Carpenter / A&M Records (Metal)
StereolabJohn Cage BubblegumWhy Popstars Can't Dan / Slumberland Records
Les BreastfeedersLaisse Autant Le Vent Tout E
Dejeuner Sur L'herbe / Blow the Fuse
Steve MartinThe French Have a Different Word For EverythingA Wild And Crazy Guy / WB
TtcDans Le Club
Batards Sensibles / Big Dada
25 SuavesMaybe You're Right
I Want It Loud / Bulb Records
High on FireDevilution
Blessed Black Wings / Relapse Records
EnslavedViolet Dawning
Isa / Candlelight Records
Vashti BunyanHebridean Sun
Just Another Diamond Day / Revolver
KylesaIn Memory
To Walk a Middle Course / Prosthetic Records
Angels of LightLena's Song
Angels of Light Sing "Other Pe / Young God Records
SkodagSymbolize My Hate
Demo / None
Yuma NoraForever
Red Train Graphing the Sunset / Deathbomb Arc
Vrresto (Remixed Re-Release) / Skin Graft Records
Rapider than HorsepowerNow It's Deserted
Rapider than the World / Alone
Fat DayPeever
Unf! Unf! / Load Records
ApesThe Minds of Mortis
Baba's Mountain / Birdman Records
Lost SoundsMemphis Is Dead1+1=NOTHING / Empty Records
AframesAge of Progress
Black Forest / Sub Pop Records
the Gris GrisSong
Live at Kzsu - Wnl / Outer a Records
CircleOjaa Pitkin
Guillotine / Scratch Recordings
A FramesComplications
Complications / Ss Records
Julee CruiseFloatingFloating Into the Night / WB
the Howling HexFair Back Up Mass with
All-Night Fox / Drag City
BbqYear Old Wine
Tie Your Noose / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
the A-LinesOne Day
You Can Touch / Sympathy for the Record I
the Sharp EaseLife Preservers
Going Modern / Self Release
the Casual DotsClocks
Casual Dots, the / Kill Rock Stars
CadeauxCashing in
Physical City / Sound Document
the GretchensI Met a Girl
Cover Your Ears / Self Release
the KonksHoney
Konks, the / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
Al PerryAlways a Pleasure
Always a Pleasure / Addled
Merle HaggardI'm a Lonesome FugitiveI'm a Lonesome Fugitive / Columbia
Blurtspill the beansThe Ruminant Plinth 12" /
Made From Dirt / Hyped 2 Death
the LicketsBig Happy Bubble
Fake Univers Man / Self Release
Random TouchJungle
You Tomorrow, the / Roadnoise Productions
Irrevocably Overdriven Break F / Entschuldigen
CraterOn the Heal of the DevilProceed / Cycling '74
ChinaboiseSelf-Conscious Pisser
Greatest Story Ever Told, the / Gulcher Records
Ak-MomoYour Mother's Faith
Return to N.Y. / Hidden Agenda Records
NotekillersRun Dont Stop
Notekillers / Ecstatic Peace
the GizmosPay
Rock & Roll Don't Come From Ne / Gulcher Records
CarreraFreaky Deaky Dutch
Freakydeakydutch / Stacey Kix Records
MdcLife, but How to Live It
Magnus Dominus Corpus / Sudden Death Records