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Sat Apr 30, 2005 9pm - midnight 
D.R.I.SnapDealing with It / Metal Blade
Riot-A-Go-GoClub Bomb
A Piece of It / Deviant Records
the SpitsDon't ShootUntitled / Dirtnap Records
Lifesblood for the Downtrodden / Candlelight Records
Black flagNo morex / x
Wimpy DicksBarbi's Blanket
3 Shades of Patriotism / Bopp N Skin Records
Death After Life / Century Media
Really RedPigboy
Teaching You the Fear / Empty Records
Kill Your IdolsIntro/Blown Up/Burnt Out
From Companionship to Competi / Side One Dummy
Porno SonicDick Goes Down
Dick Dagger in Cream Streets / Virgin Monk Muzik
Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed FaceTomb of the Mutilated / Metal Blade
Cannibal CorpseNecropedophileTomb of the Mutilated / Metal Blade
the Yuppie PricksHummer in My Hummer
Brokers Banquet / Alternative Tentacles
the BlacklistRelease the Bay Boy Beserker
Electric and Evil / Spooky Records
Suicidal tendenciesI saw your mommyx / x
HellaSong From Uncle
Church Gone Wild/ Chripin Hard / Suicide Squeeze
BrujeriaRaza OdiadaRaza Odiada / Roadrunner Records
BrujeriaLos Tengo ColgandoRaza Odiada / Roadrunner Records
Seis PistosQue Me La Mame
Sanchin / Discos Patito
Seis PistosEl Ranchero
Sanchin / Discos Patito
Manic HispanicAlberto'sRecline of Western Civilizatio / Byo Records
MDCJohn Waynex / x
SkodagSymbolize My Hate
Demo / None
Comeback KidWake the Dead
Wake the Dead / Victory Records
BloodbathOminous Bloodvomit (Demo)
Nightmares Made Flesh / Century Media
Special ConsensusToday Has Been a Lonesome DaEverything's Alright / Pinecastle Records
Dark TranquillityLost to Apathy
Character / Century Media
Circle JerksWorld up my assGroup sex / frontier
the HeatseekersCreep Along with X-Ray
In Praise of / Ohev Records
the GroodiesHead Rape
Groodies, the / Independent
Poster ChildrenLets Have a War
On the Offensive / Hidden Agenda Records
Fanfare SavaleHarapeasca
Speed Brass of the Gypsies / Sub Rosa
VaderOut of the Deep
Beast, the / Metal Blade
Meat PuppetsLove offeringMeat Puppets / SST Records
the SermonLatent Image
Volume / Alternative Tentacles
the SermonNo Beast So Fierce
Volume / Alternative Tentacles
the MuffsDon't Pick on Me
Really Really Happy / Oglio Records
KilldozerKing of sexSnakeboy / roadkill
Jesus lizardNubGoat / touch and go
Jerry's kidsTwisted brainkill kill kill / taang
Big BlackPavement SawSongs About Fucking / Touch and Go
Angry SamoansYou stupid assholeInside my brain / haizman
Angry SamoansHitlers cockBack from Samoa / jem
Husker DuDianex / x
Hot SnakesHi-LitesAudit in Progress / Swami Records
Nip DriversMean teen queenx / x
VandalsPirates lifePeace through vandalism / epitaph
Birthday partyDead JoeIt's still living / missing link
Mission of BurmaEscaped my certain fatex / x