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Thu Mar 31, 2005 9pm - midnight 
SubtleI Love LaA New White / Lex
SubtleThe Long Vein of the LawA New White / Lex
Mike LaddWorldwide Shrinkwrap (Contac
Negrophilia [The Album] / Thirsty Ear Recordings
Charles AmirkhanianMqsical LouV/A Messiah Remix / Cantaloupe
CunninlynguistsLyngusiticsWill Rap for Food / Boiling Point Dist
Vast AireWhy's Da Sky BlueLook Mom...No Hands / Chocolate Industries
DOPESTYLE1231Sunz of Shazam
Kutmasta Kurt Presents / Waxploitation
Jedi Mind TricksBlood in Blood Out
Visions of Gandhi / Babygrande
PassageWhine Money
Forcefield Kids, the / Anticon
the Soft Pink TruthIn School (Die Kreuzen)Do You Want New Wave or Do You / Self Release
Phallus Uber AllesFuture Homemakers of America
Iron Woman / Fatal Recordings
Cline/Parkins/RaineyLower Story
Out Trios Volume Three / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Man ManAgainst the Peruvian Monster
Man Man / Ace Fu Records
Redfearn, Alex K & the EyesoreThe Night It Rained Glass onQuiet Room, the / Cuneiform Records
Fanfare SavaleSuita Lui Erno
Speed Brass of the Gypsies / Sub Rosa
John ZornBy the Mark, Eight
50TH Birthday Celebration VOL8 / Tzadik Records
Cline, Nels SingersSquare King
Giant Pin, the / Cryptogramophone
the AvengersWe Are the OneAmerican in Me, the / Dbk Works
Black FlagRise AboveDamaged IIII / SST
ReatardsPuke on You
Bedroom Disasters / Empty Records
7 SecondsWalk together, rock together (live)Guity of e crime of thinking / Black Sun
ComadreSlangin Rocks in the House O
Comadre / None
Crimenes De GuerraDesobediencia
Sangre Rebelde / La Femi Records
Look Back and LaughCancerous FaithV/A California Thrash Demolition / Six Two Five
ZannTalfahit Ius Gluck
Swallowed By Machinery / Fort Hazel Magic
ConvergeDrop Out
You Fail Me / Epitaph Records
Exit-13Wake Up and Change!...Just a Few More Hits / Relapse
Pig DestoryerTorture Ballad
Terrifyer / Relapse Records
Sayyadina18 hrsFear Gave Us Wings / Sound Pollution
UmlautMass Graves for the Victims of the Capitalist MachineTotal Disfuckingcography / Crimethinc
KylesaA 100 degree Heat IndexNo Ending EP / Prank
KylesaIn MemoryTo Walk a Middle Course / Prosthetic
First / Hyperrealist
LudicraOne Thousand Wolves
Another Great Love Song / Alternative Tentacles
Buried InsideTime As Abjection
Chronoclast / Relapse Records
the Electric WizardFlower of Evil (Aka Malfiore
We Live / The Music Cartel
EarthDissolution Iii
Living in the Gleam of An Unsh / Megablade
Sunn ((O))))Dylan Carlson
Grimmrobe Demos, the / Southern Lord Recordings
Hope for AgoldensummerHeart of Art
Heart of Art / <No Label Info>
Joanna NewsomPeach, Plum, PearThe Milk-Eyed Mender / Drag City
Todd, Mia DoiDeep at Sea
Manzanita / Plug Research
NotekillersThe Zipper
Notekillers / Ecstatic Peace