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Mon Jul 22, 2002 noon - 3pm 
Fela Ransome-KutiBlack Man's Cryw/Ginger Baker, Live /
Frith & KaiserDog Pupput born out of a sock/Believing What We ReadFriends & Enemies /
Babatunde OlatunjiAkiwowo pt 2Dance to the Beat of My Drum /
Frith & KaiserSpecial Rider BluesFriend & Enemies /
A A KismetHow I Lost My Leg..wolves... /
Coilmix- intro "s & c" 10?/these things happens & c/love's secret domain /
Dara & HNIAtrack 10 excerptTime Stereo /
NicoThe SphinxChelsea Live /
Bob DylanSugar BabyLove & Theft /
BeckSee WaterOne Foot in the Grave /
Sigure RosFlugufrelsarinnFat Cat /
Dead Can DanceThe Lotus Eaters1981-1998 /
RondellusOculi FilioliSabbatum /
Dead Can DanceRakim1981-1998 /
MuzikasDunatuli - MaramarosiThe Bartok Album /
Larraine Lee & Roger NichelsonBlack Sarahan Exultation of Dulcimers /
MuzikasBaartok 28The Bartok Album /
C Dilaurenti3 camels excerpt (track1 or 2)3 Camels For Orchestra /
EurythmicsWinston's Diary1984 /
Frith & Kaiser... two old men... (not the track I was thinking of!)Friends & Enemies /
V MajestsicBillion Dollar Express (again, not the one I was thinking of)Dynamic Alloy /
Bridgette FontainePipeauKekeland /
NicoAll Tomorrow's PartiesChelsea Live /
Throwing MusesSame SunCB EP /
Dog Faced HermansLes Filles Veut Danser Aven Les Femmesthose deep buds /
Ad Aspera Ad Astra#82001 CD /
Dara & HNIAtrack 1 or 2?Time Stereo /
Negativlandart worman excerptdumb stupid come out line /
Dog Faced HermansKeep Your Laws Off My Bodythose deep buds /
DeerhoofThe Last Trumpeter SwanReveille /
Yume Bitsu1
Golden Vessyl of Sound, the /
EurythmicsFor the Love of Big Brother1984 /
Acid Mothers Temple and the MeIn EIn C /
Julie DoironSending the Photographs
Heart and Crime /
SilkwormWhite LightningItalian Platinum /
Miracle Chosuke3Miracle Chosuke /
A A KismetMobile...wolves... /
Jeck-Yoshihide-TetreaultInvisible Architecture #1Jeck-Yoshihide-Tetreault /