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Sun Jul 21, 2002 3pm - 6pm 
NogginIf you don't lisetn you could atleast watchLive /
K.K. NullWinter SolsticeCyronics /
Amps for ChristEcholocationCircuits /
Harry PartchCastor & PolluxWorld of Harry Partch, the /
Idiot FleshZombiesWed. Night Live 11/30/1994 /
Upsilon AcruxBicycle Race
Dynamite with a Laserb /
Miracle Chosuke6Miracle Chosuke /
MochipetOh No..Not Another Bajo SongMochipet Cdr /
wobblyClawing your eyes out down to your throatplaylist /
FridgeArkEph Reissue /
Rumah SakitGo Horsy Go Live
Obscured By Clowns /
MonochromeElectrifier/LaserLaser: a View From the Exterio /
Kalmex and the RiffmerchantsLong Haul, theIt Goes to Eleven /
CatheterDerailedCatheter/Laughing Dog /
Scholastic DethOne Day at a TimeRevenge of the Nerds /
V.ReverseHigh Caliber ManNow>Then:Complete Recordings /
Songs for EmmaParameters of CompassionRed Lies and Black Rhymes /
1.6 BandSticks to the SkinToungue Family Style /
Heaven Shall BurnBetrayed Again
Asunder /
Ruins 1986-1992OutburnRuins /
StraconySo Many QuestionsBeware - Bombs Are Hanging Ove /
Indian Summer9Live on Kzsu Wnl /
LieWhy!?Why!? /
FuckfaceSpinning the Chamber of HoneFuckface /
Invasive//Exotic /
IsisLife Under the SwatterMosquito Control Ep, the /
Jonny X and the GroadiesMonolith of WarIllin' Technology /
Scurvy DogsCan You Afford All this CheeCan You Afford All this Cheese /
GaugeNonethelessI /
[coll]: Pig Destroyer/ GnobBlond Prostitute
Pig Destroyer/ Gnob /
No LessRuff and TumbleBoxed in /
KalibasMasticateStruggling Through Life a Minu /
Rashied/Kowald/Tsahar AliThe RapDeals, Ideas & Ideals /
Ibarra, Susie TrioAzulSongbird Suite /
Fasteau, Zusaan Kali and GarreStreaming LoveMemoirs of a Dream /
School DaysWhat AboutIn Our Times /
Find /