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Wed Feb 09, 2005 5pm - 9pm 
UranusEquilibratesplit with His Hero is Gone / none
NoothgrushJundland Wastespilt 7" with Dead Bodies Everywhere / Bovine
Enemy SoilGroup Thinksplit 7" w/Casualties of Progress / Relapse
DeicideCrucifixationS/T / (Unknown)
No LessPeace PipeSplit with Agenst of Satan / Bad People
KalibasMasticate7" / Howling Bull
Agents of SatanGoatskrotesplit 7" w/ No Less / Bad People
NeurosisSelf-DoubtAberration EP / Lookout
Those Darn AccordionsFrankenstein
Lawnball / Globe Records
Sunn ((O))))Hell-O)))-WeenWhite 2 / Southern Lord
Social Distortion19457" / 13th Floor
Minor ThreatBetrayOut of Step / Dischord
Seven SecondsAggroCommitted for Life EP / Sourtown
Big BoysFun Fun FunFun Fun Fun / Moment
Conflict (U.S.)See What I've DoneThis is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks / Placebo
JFAside A of Blatant LocalismBlatant Localism (7") / Placebo
Meat Puppetsside B of self titled 7"Meat Puppets / Tongues
Al PerryWe Got Cactus
Always a Pleasure / Addled
Black FlagNo More/Nervous Breakdowncassette board recording /
Zero Tolerance Task ForceJesus Was a Sand Nigger
Punk Rockery / Purple Hero Distributors
Septic DeathChangePusmort View / Toy's Factory Records
King MissileAnywhereHappy Hour / Atlantic Records (Modern)
CulturcideA Day At My JobHome Made Authority / Delayed
Noodle MuffinBorn Again
Regime Change / Self Release
Immortal TechniqueThe 4TH BranchRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
ObsoleteTommy Is DeadThe Observation of Ruins / Baraka
Phallus Uber AllesAuto-Femme Radio Spot/Hey Bi
Iron Woman / Fatal Recordings
Una PongThe Saga of the Uncoordinate
Saga of the Uncoordinated, the / Desert Poodle Records
DalekSpiritual HealingFrom Filthy Tongue of Gods &.. / Ipecac Records
PrincessMiss Adventures
Princess / Tony Chaos Records
Friends ForeverAll Things in the Universe R
Friends Forever/Gang W / Deathbomb Arc
Spalding RockwellKissing
Kate / Self Release
Joy DivisionShe's Lost Control12" 45 / Factory
Lost SoundsClones Don't Love
Lost Sounds / In the Red Records
Cabaret VoltaireRed MaskRed Mecca / Rough Trade
The FallLie Dream of a Casino SoulPsykick Dance Hall / Eagle
BlatzLullabyCheaper than the beer 7" / Lookout!
TP01 / <No Label Info>
Memories of UnderdevelopmentArse Over It
Throat of a Black Kitten / Menlo Park Recordings
People Like UsRetreat to Fade
Abridged Too Far / <No Label Info>
Dion McgregorSnowflakes
More Outrageous Recordings of / Torpor Vigil Industries
Morceaux De MachinesTrepanation
Estrapade / No Type
Daniel JohnstonKing Kong
Discovered Covered / Gammon Records
What the Buzzing / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
AxolotlTrack 7
Axolotl S/T / Psych-O-Path Records
Terrestrial TonesWest Indian Day Parade
Blasted / Psych-O-Path Records
Tetreault, M.; Yoshihide O.Grenoble No. 1
1. Grrr / Dame
Rowe, Keith/Christian Fennesz/
Live at Lu / Erstwhile
Z'evMixdown, 14 Stereo, 2 Mono
Headphone Musics, 1 to 6 / <No Label Info>
Les Moines FreresD.N.A / Mundo / Umbrella / U
Mordu / Vision Musicale
ShellacuranusUranus (7") / Touch and Go
Mr. Airplane ManMake You Mine
C' Mon Dj / Sympathy for the Record I
ElectroputasProfundo Rosso
3 / The Social Registry
Vanishing1, 10
Still Lifes Are Failing / Gold Standard Laboratorie
I Fly / Persian Cardinal Recordin