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Wed Jul 17, 2002 6-9pm 
PolkacideWiener Dog PolkaAmerican Polka /
Walter CarlosTitle Music From A Clockwork OrangeClockwork Orange Soundtrack /
Wesley WillisGood News Is Rock and RollApocalypse Always /
Woody AllenUnhappy Childhood1964 1968 /
Planetarium MusicMetal
Tracditional Psychedelic Elec /
Slim GaillardF*** Off (the Dirty Rooster)If It Aint a Hit, I'll Eat My... /
Jello BiafraAmerican WomanApocalypse Always /
Alice DonutThe Son of a Disgruntled X PDry Humping the Cash Cow - Liv /
Jana MccallEchoesSlumber /
Barry AdamsonCome Hell or High WaterAs Above So Below /
PJ HarveyWorking For the ManTo Bring You My Love /
the Birthday PartyZoo Music GirlBirthday Party/Lydia L /
Boy Dirt CarK.I.D.Badger A-Go-Go /
CarpentersYesterday Once More1969-73 /
LackPessimist Part
Blues Moderne:Danois Explosifs /
CurlupanddieOn the Run From JohnnyUnfortunately We're not Robots /
Ruins 1986-1992OutburnRuins /
[coll]: Pig Destroyer/ GnobDown in the Street
Pig Destroyer/ Gnob /
Sun RaDisciplineCelebration For The Comet Kohoutek /
Idiot FleshBigfoorWed. Night Live 11/30/1994 /
Yume Bitsu/
Golden Vessyl of Sound, the /
D.J. LebowitzHoliday in CambodiaBeautiful Happiness /
Home ComputersEverything You Always WantedEverything You Always Wanted T /
ThronesObulusThrones /
Dick GregoryAt Kent StateArmy Intelligence/Phone Tapping /
SolmaniaSample and HoldThe Basement Tapes (KSPC) /
NirvanaBig CheeseOut of the Blue (boot) /
Young Marble GiantsCredit in the Straight WorldColossal Youth /
MelvinsFoamingHostile Ambient Takeover /
NebulaBardo Airwaysdos EPs /
the Faith HealersLove SongLido /
DealershipDumbSecret American Livingroom /
Crime and the City SolutionSix Bells ChimeRoom of Lights /
Billy VaughnHarbor LightsPlays /