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Wed Feb 02, 2005 1pm - 5pm 
SleepDopesmokerDopesmoker / Tee Pee Records
BongzillaMelovespotMethods for Attaining Extreme / Relapse Records
YobExorcism of the HostIllusion of Motion, the / Metal Blade
Saint VitusIce MonkeyV / Roadrunner Records
NebulaDragon EyeLet It Burn / Relapse Records
AbdullahStrange BenedictionsGraveyard Poetry / Meteor City
High Tone Son of a BitchTen Mountain High
Better You than Me / Unknown Controller
GongaUntitled no 2Gonga / Tee Pee Records
GongaStrato FortressGonga / Tee Pee Records
DownLanding on the Mountains ofIi / Elektra Records (Metal)
JuntaMeridianJunta / None
Old Man GloomSonic Dust
Christmas / Tortuga Records
OrodruinPeasants Lament
Epicurean Mass / Psychedoomelic
UaralEternal Beauty of the TreesSounds of Pain / Lost Horizon Records
AgallochKneel to the CrossOf Stone, Wind, and Pillor / The End
AsunderTwilight Amaranthine
A Clarion Call / Life Is Abuse
Mourning BelovethThe Apocalypse MachineA Murderous Circus / GAR
DisbeliefThe Beginning of Doubt (IntrSpreading the Rage / Nuclear Blast
WaylanderThe Light, the Dark, and the Endless KnotThe Light, the Dark, and the Endless Knot / ?
Dark SunsPatterns Of OblivionExistence / ?
Atomic Ritual / Liquor and Poker Music
High on FireBlessed Black WingsBlessed Black Wings / ?
AnthraxBelly of the BeastGreater of Two Evils, the / Sanctuary Records
the CrownDeath Metal Holocaust
Crownded Unholy / Metal Blade
DarkthroneHate Is the Law
Sardonic Wrath / Moonfog Productions
Invocation of NehekDrawing Blood From a StoneInvocation of Nehek / Prosthetic Records