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Mon Jul 15, 2002 noon - 3pm 
Cato Salsa ExperienceI Can Give You AnythingA Good Tip for a Good Time /
HeadcoateesCome and see meNot So Pretty (Pretty Things tribute album) /
Ron geesinFrom An Electric TrainA Raise of Eyebrows /
Gunter Muller & Jim O'rourkeA Faster SilenceSlow Motion /
Thomas GaudynskiWake
Elementals /
Blevin BlectumTake the remainder and cut the heart out/preserving mahcine #2Talon Slalom /
MochipetHard MochiMochipet Cdr /
[coll]: Press & Releas VOL2Fleeting Trance - Classical TrashPress & Releas VOL2 /
MochipetLike a Bug on Its BackMochipet Cdr /
Twisted ScienceRocket Man@45/Clean Your Head@33Freedom of Noise /
Public Worksside bNumbers /
PierreBastienNinetic...(mix w/prev) & OdovinilMusiques Paralloidres /
Mandible ChatterPalm Sunday7" /
Komar/Melamid/SoldierThe Most Unwanted Song
People's Choice Music, the /
the WaybacksPrairie DogginBurger After Church /
Grier Phillips & FlinnerLittle WingLooking Back /
Knife in the WaterWhen Trouble Goes to SeedCrosspross Bells /
the Velvet TeenDeath
Out of the Fierce Parade /
Violet TruthMinnesotaCandy Coated /
Secret MachinesStill See You
Secret Machines /
Secret MachinesIts a Bad Wind that
Secret Machines /
FreemartinValediction10" /
No Knife/Nine Days WonderCall for a StrangerSplit Cd Ep /
Angels in the ArchitectureThree Fourths East and One FDistance in Writing, the /
Rumah SakitSausage Full of Secrets "Liv
Obscured By Clowns /
V for Vendettathis song prefers not to be labeled
Beneath this Mask Another Mask /
Original SinnersOne Too Many LiesOriginal Sinners /
20 MilesBeautiful Dream
Keep It Coming /
Bruce haackUnicorn ChantHush, LIttle Robot /
Bridgette FonatineLes Filles d'aujourdhuiKekeland /
The Singing NunDans les magasinsHer Joy Her Songs /
The PolynesiansMakala PuaBlue Hawaii /
Ian WhitcombFairy on the ClockDance Hall Days /
Ian WhitcombI'm Certainly Living a Ragtime LifeUnder the Ragtime Moon /
Ian WhitcombWhen The Filks High-Up Do The Mean LowDownDance Hall Days /
Ian WhitcombDance Yourself ThinUnder a Ragtime Moon /
Wire1st FastRead & Burn /
Dukes of HamburgMashed Potatoes/Milkcouw BluesBad Side of July /
KaitOthwipsideYou've seen must have seen us... /
Wayne RogersAutopiaAt Home /