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Sun Jan 23, 2005 noon - 3pm 
[coll]: No TsurisStout Hearted MenNo Tsuris / Absolutely Kosher Records
That 1 GuyOne
Songs in the Key of Beotch / Righteous Babe Records
FoiblesThe worlds biggest most dangerous lily pad
Live on Wnl / Outer a Records
TomoTree of no Trees
Tomo / Daft Alliance
Dan FrielB2BS
Sunburn / Self Release
Fabriclive 18 / Fabric
BoostamonteThe Acrobat
Demo 2004 / Self Release
Gold Sparkle Trio/Ken VandermaCarpet Quarterbagger
Brooklyn Cantos / Squealer
the CrampsSweet Woman Blues
How to Make a Monster / Vengeance Records
IntroducersIf I Had Wheels
Close Ups / Slovenly Recordings
Armitage ShanksDrowning not Waving
Urinal Heap / Damaged Goods
Clorox GirlsEmergency
Clorox Girls / Smartguy Records
Love SongsThere's no L in Fool, Foo
All Branches, no Trunk / New Disorder
Hit Me BackSkateboarding with Baggy SosOnly the Magic School Bus Goe / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Hit Me BackArm for Peace?Only the Magic School Bus Goe / Six Two Five Thrashcore
The ReposHa Ha HardcoreThe Repos / Fourteen or Fight / Gloom
The ReposAllrightThe Repos / Fourteen or Fight / Gloom
S.H.A.T.Choking on Gummy Worms50 Million / Kung Fu Usa / ShellShag / Creepy People / S.H.A.T. / Starcleaner
50 MillionThe Alien and the Robot
Bust the Action / Broken Rekids
ShellheadWhere Did All the Turtles Go
Shellhead / Self Release
Kung Fu UsaStars and BarsNeversign / Star Cleaners
Holier than Thou?Why? (R.K.L.)Super Sabado Gigante / Six Two Five Thrashcore
RKLThink PositiveKeep Laughing / Mystic Records
Tear It UpCoke and SnickersWild in the Streets / Element Records
We Know You Suck / Alternative Tentacles
Funeral ShockBurnin' Hell (John Lee HookeU.S. of Shit/Funeral S / Cesspool Records
Caustic ChristSobriety SuxCan't Relate / Havoc
VoetsekWelcome to the U.S. of A.
Castrator Album, the / Six Weeks
BumbklaatLifes Speachless DirectionBumbklaat / Slaves to Darkness
Sleeper CellTerminalHow to Buy An Iron Lung / Partners in Crime
TotalitarArbettes ValsigneteKlas Inte Ras / Prank
DropdeadAt the End of Days
Dropdead/Totalitar / Prank
DropdeadA Disease Called Man
Dropdead/Totalitar / Prank
Look Back and LaughHero's SaluteDropdead / Look Back and Laugh / Armageddon Label
Look Back and LaughKick the ChairDropdead / Look Back and Laugh / Armageddon Label
Severed Head of StateBorn to be HangedCharge Ahead / La Vida Es Unmus
D.S.B.Call Back MyselfRadical Punx Attack!!! / Partners in Crime
DystrophyOld School SongNice Kids / Crucial Records
Sun RaThe Shadow WorldA Night in East Berlin / Leo Records
Sun Ra & His Intergalaxtic AraWe Travel the SpacewaysStardust From Tomorrow / Leo Records
Sun RaSpace Is the PlaceA Night in East Berlin / Leo Records
Subarachnoid SpaceDeep End
Also Rising / Strange Attractors Audio
Subarachnoid SpaceUntitled
Also Rising / Strange Attractors Audio
Zen GuerillaSolar StationZen Guerilla / Compulsiv Records
Helios CreedMaster BlasterBoxing the Clown / Amphetamine Reptile
SpaceheadsShoot the BossRound the Outside / These 13CD
VanishingParalizedPhatom Limbs / Vanishing / Happy Eye Records
Dr OctagonEarth PeopleInstrumentalyst / Geffen Records
OuthudInstinct!!! / Zum Media