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Wed Jan 12, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
/Tawdry Audrey
Ooh Ooh Ahh / Arf Arf Records
Tri State AreaThe Fruit Bar
Pilot Conference / (Unknown)
Kimya DawsonI Will Never Forget
Hidden Vagenda / Secretly Canadian Records
Daniel JohnstonLike a Monkey in the Zoo
Discovered Covered / Gammon Records
PorestFist Dumplings
Prude Juice for the Heritage S / Seeland Records
Ed SheppEd Shepp Exposes:Ritalin
Radio Friendly / <No Label Info>
Long Beach Corn DogI Like Drugs
When Punkers Were Punk / Longbeach Records
Wesley Willis & the DragnewsMy Mother Smokes Crack Rock
Greatest Hits / Alternative Tentacles
Steve LiebermanKurt Cobain Killed the Exper
Liquidatia 455 / (Unknown)
Neil HamburgerGamblingAmerica's Funnyman / Drag City
Fe-MailSyklubb Fra Haelvete
Syklubb Fra Haelvete / Important Records
Steve EarleWarrior
Revolution Starts...Now, the / Artemis Records
Noodle MuffinThe Christian Taliban
Regime Change / Self Release
th Knights of the New CrusadeSecret Sign
My God Is Alive! Sorry About Y / Gabriel's Trumpet
Dj FourinchesofegoThat's not Asking Too MuchGeorge W Bush Dance Party, the / <No Label Info>
Hair PoliceObedience Cuts
Obedience Cuts / Freedom From
Tippy CanoeWhy Must I Be...
Sneak Peek: a Sampling of The. / <No Label Info>
John Denver's AirplaneHuman Worth
Worst of John Denver's Air, th / Android Records
Me First and the Gimme GimmesCome Sail AwayRuin Johnny's Bar Mitzvah / Fat Wreck Chords
Jonathan RichmanI Was Dancing in the LesbianI, Jonathan / Rounder Records
the CrampsSunglasses After Dark
How to Make a Monster / Vengeance Records
Four RoguesThe RalphieParty Party Party / Arf Arf Records
the MuffsA Little Luxury
Really Really Happy / Oglio Records
S:UHe's the One
Proceed Withou Caution / Incomplete Records
Hot SnakesThis Mystic DecadeAudit in Progress / Swami Records
Friends ForeverVikings of Yesterday
Friends Forever/Gang W / Deathbomb Arc
Wolf EyesStabbed in the Face
Burned Mind / Sub Pop Records
Elizabeth CottonShake SugareeShake Sugaree / Smithsonian/Folkways
MouthusHead of Shifting I & Ii
Mouthus / Psych-O-Path Records
the Breasts2- music geek out
Rainy Day Salad / <No Label Info>
Waiting for Armadillo / Load Records
Leandre, Joelle/Gianni LenociBalancoire 8
Sur Une Balancoire / Ambiances Magnetique
Epikurs EuforieContxt Non-TxtHow to Make Good Sound / (No Label Information)
Dimuzio / Matmos / WobblyNo. 2 Pencil
Rotate Vortex / <No Label Info>
IntroducersSurf Feva
Close Ups / Slovenly Recordings
the BadboysBlack Olives
Cherrystones Hidden Ch / Mercury Records
Beehive & the BarracudasHitlers Cock
Cock Ready / Dollar Record Records
MonoshockNobody Recovery
Runnin' Ape-Like From the Back / Ss Records
the SermonTime Has Come
Volume / Alternative Tentacles
BonkThe Monkey King Creates
Western Soul / Racing Junior
Coup De GraceMating Rituals of the Upward
The.Ventura.Threeway. / Sonic Jihad
Naz Nomad & the NightmaresNobody but Me
Give Daddy the Knife Cindy / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Singapore SlingTwisted and Sick
Life Is Killing My Rock'n'roll / Stinky Records
Lost SoundsClones Don't Love
Lost Sounds / In the Red Records
Baby ShowerPoison Steps/Die
Baby Shower / Self Release
the Tunnel of LoveSnake Oil
Underneath Are Phantoms / <No Label Info>
Transmaniacon / Drag City
Dion McgregorSew that Mouth
More Outrageous Recordings of / Torpor Vigil Industries
Dion McgregorSew that Mouth
More Outrageous Recordings of / Torpor Vigil Industries
Invocation of NehekMy Gift to Liars (Intro)Invocation of Nehek / Prosthetic Records
Pink and BrownI'm Tired, He's DeadScience of Glass Garga / Toyo Records
PrincessMiss Adventures
Pilot Conference / (Unknown)
Ova!/Happy Mother's Day I Can'Marak the MercilessNumber on My Forehead Is G, th / Freedom From