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Wed Jul 03, 2002 6-9pm 
Jimi Hendrixthe Star spangled BannerWoodstock /
FYPThe Pledge of Allegiance SucksFYP /
Galaxy 5004th of JulyCopenhagen /
MDCJohn Wayne Was a NaziMillions of Dead Cops /
TsolAbolish Government/Silent MaStage Diving to the Ol /
Soundgarden4TH of JulySuperunknown /
X4th of JulySee How we Are /
the CultSpiritwalkerCatalog Sampler /
The CrownDeath Metal HolocaustCrowned in Terror /
Bill Hicksthe WarPhilosophy /
Planetarium MusicNeighbor
Tracditional Psychedelic Elec /
Songs for EmmaGoing to the MarketRed Lies and Black Rhymes /
Final Warning/Mankind? /
the Blood BrothersUnder Pressure
Dynamite with a Laserb /
Noam ChomskyPacificationApocalypse Always /
the ImpressionsMighty Mighty (Spade and WtyStand Up and Be Countd /
Malcolm XStop Singing and Start SwingingWisdom of Malcolm X Disc 1, Th /
HairColored SpadeHair /
Prisons on Fire /
The RamonesThe KKK Took My Baby AwayPleasant Dreams /
Charles MingusPraying With Ericthe Town Hall Concert /
Robin WilliamsRootsWow Reality, What a Concept! /
Rancho DiabloThree-Fingered Jack
I'll Follow Magenta Skys /
Led Zeppelinwhateverphy graff /
Steve MartinSmokingLets Get Small /
CentinexForthcomin TerrorDiabolical Desolation /
the Moldy PeachesNyc's Like a Graveyard
Moldy Peaches, the /
The VandalsAnarchy BurgerPeace Through Vandalism /
WartornPledge of non-AllegianceTrapped in another Gear /
George CarlinMuhamad AliClass Clown /
Eleni MandellDont Loose My Trail
Snakebite /
St. ThomasShe Married a Cowboy
Im Coming Home /
National LampoonI'm a WomanGoodbye Pop /
AvengersThe American in MeAvengers /
Shattered FaithI Love AmericaStage Diving to the Ol /
Youth BrigadeViolenceSomeone's Gonna Get Their Head /
Dead KennedysWhen You Get DraftedFresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables /
The Sex PistolsAnarchie pour le UKThe Great Rock and Roll Swindle /
Schedule IIThe War on DrugsThe War on Drugs /