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Wed Dec 08, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
King MissileThe Chosen
Royal Lunch / Important Records
the Dick Panthers4
Would Like to Congratulate You / Self Release
William ShatnerYou'll Have Time
Has Been / Shout! Factory
Prude Juice for the Heritage S / Seeland Records
/Bang My Drum Slowly
Ooh Ooh Ahh / Arf Arf Records
Tangela TricoliLife of a Housewife
Jet Lady / Arf Arf Records
Butthole SurfersCombCream Comb From the Socket of David (12") / Touch and Go
Steve LiebermanKurt Cobain Killed the Exper
Liquidatia 455 / (Unknown)
Alice DonutThe Son of a Disgruntled X-PUntidy Sucides of Your Deg, th / Alternative Tentacles
Jello Biafra with the MelvinsCaped Crusader
Never Breathe What You Cant Se / Alternative Tentacles
Patton Oswalt80's MetalFellin Kinda Patton / United Musicians
Wesley Willis & the DragnewsMy Mother Smokes Crack Rock
Greatest Hits / Alternative Tentacles
99 HookerThe Word Became FleshGenerica / Pax Recordings
Enemy CombatantsRepublican Recycling
Land of the Free / Standup!
Wayne ButaneAstronauts Going to the MoonSucks Bigtime / Flaming Canine
John TabaccoSmokey Lee Webster
Realized @ 21 Walnut / Self Release
Beehive & the BarracudasSexbeat
Cock Ready / Dollar Record Records
the Red KrayolaWives in Orbit
Singles / Drag City
MonoshockCabalgando a La Luna
Runnin' Ape-Like From the Back / Ss Records
Comets on FireThe Unicorn/Ice Age
Comets on Fire Cardboard Album / Sub Pop Records
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of NThe Donkey-Headed Adversary
Aiming to Answer Common Questi / Mimicry Recordings
Sonic YouthStar PowerEvol / SST
Mountain Od Self Assesment, th / Self Release
PaikJayne Field
Satin Black / Strange Attractors Audio
Bowery ElectricFear of FlyingVertigo / Kranky
Bethany CurveOmaha BeachFlaxen / Kitchen Whore Records
Birdsongs of the MesosoicTriassic, Jurassic, CretaceousEP / Ace of Hearts
Social Distortionthe CreepsMommy's Little Monster / 13th Floor
Long Beach Corn DogHighway Star
When Punkers Were Punk / Longbeach Records
Les Hell on HeelsHell on Heels
Les Hell on Heels / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
Clorox GirlsEmergency
Clorox Girls / Smartguy Records
the AlleycatsOne More ChangeLive From the Masque / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Birthday PartyBig Jesus Trashcan/Kiss Me BlackJunkyard / 4AD
Scratch AcidAlbino SlugJust Keep Eating / Rabid Cat
Blood BrothersMy First Kiss at the Public
Crimes / V2 Records
the FuzzCalifornia
Raise the Flag / <No Label Info>
Wolf EyesStabbed in the Face
Burned Mind / Sub Pop Records
MudwiminHave a Good TimeSkiz / Big Dog Recordings
Kimya DawsonFire
Hidden Vagenda / Secretly Canadian Records
the Moldy PeachesNyc's Like a Graveyard
Moldy Peaches, the / Rough Trade