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Thu Nov 25, 2004 3pm - 5pm 
Carnal ForgeThe Strength of MiseryAren't You Dead Yet? / Century Media
GraveLast Journey
Fiendish Regression / Century Media
XasthurCursed Revelations
Telepathic with the Deceased / Moribund Records
Malevolent CreationCapturedWarkult / Nuclear Blast
Lamb of GodBlood of the ScribeAshes of the Wake / Epic Records (Metal)
Cattle DecapitationBukkake Tsunami
Humanure / Metal Blade
BorknagarCyclusEpic / Century Media
NinnuamScar SalvationProcess of Life Seperation / Crash Music
Brian WilsonGood Vibrations
Smile / Nonesuch
TexturesTransgresionPolars / Listenable
YobDoom #2Illusion of Motion, the / Metal Blade
ArsisLooking to Nothing
A Celebration of Guilt / Willowtip
EstuaryOf Weakening StoneTo Exist and Endure / Ibex Moon Records
LeviathanDeciphering Legend Within Th
Tenacles of Whorror / Moribund Records
Otto Von SchirachLa Sangre Del Dedo
Global Speaker Fisting / Asphodel
Jonathan ChenDrummer
Drummer/Preface / P.N.G. Records
Charles AtlasPhotosphere
To the Dust From Many You Came / Ochre Records
2 A.M. Wakeup Call / Waxploitation
VytearGrate on YouBreaks / Stiffeels Music
Machine DrumMltply
Bidnezz / Merck Records
Strut / Outward Music Company
Aphex TwinMt Saint Michel & St. MichatDrukqs / London-Sire Records