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Fri Nov 19, 2004 noon - 3pm 
Mctell, Blind WillieLay Some Flowers on My GraveBest Of, the / Yazoo Records
Nina NatasiaStormy Weather"Dogs" / Touch and Go
Mark Lanegan BandBombed
Bubblegum / Beggars Banquet
DelgadosThe City Consumes Us
Universal Audio / Chemikal Underground Ltd.
Robyn HitchcockFlanagan's Song
Spooked / Yep Roc
the ExThe Pie
Turn / Touch and Go
CardboardsOn the Rytz
Homework No. 10 / Hyped 2 Death
some German band I don't know the name ofSonic Reducer? / ?
Glenn BrancaLesson no 1 for Electric Gui
Lesson No. 1 / Acute Records
FugaziIn Defense of Humans/And the Same (live)12-28-87 Washington, DC Dc Space / diy
Bottles and SkullsAll My Friends Are Evil
Bang in the Bay / Soma Records
Kill the Man Who Questions?? / ?
The King CobraMarch on PompeiiThe King Cobra / Troubleman Unlimited
Circle Takes the SquareKill the SwitchAs the Roots..... / Robotic Empire
Artimus PyleShitstormFucked From Birth / Prank
CataractKilling Tool
With Triumph Comes Loss / Metal Blade
Goat HornGates of Opression
Storming the Gates / Basement Metal
Amon AmarthThe Pursuit of Vikings
Fate of Norns / Metalblade Records
EstuaryWoven DenialTo Exist and Endure / Ibex Moon Records
Cattle DecapitationHumanure
Humanure / Metal Blade
Necrophagist?? / ?
KalibasCyanideologyStruggling Through Life A Minute and a Half at Time / diy
Fuck the FactsA Few Words for the EndBackstabber Etiquette / Grind It!
Misery Index?? / ?
HewhocorruptsLinguistic Violations (Step
Ten Steps to Success / 625 Thrashcore
Buried at Seatrack 2Migration / Original Sound
Enemy CombatantsAlphabet Song
Land of the Free / Standup!
Carnival in CoalManiacFrench Cancan / Kodiak Records
Secret Chiefs 3Hypostasis of the Archons
Book of Horizons / Mimicry Recordings
I don't knowsome ABBA coverha / ha
Le ScrawlBoiling Point
Eager to Please / Life Is Abuse
Midnite SnakeSnakebite at Midnite
Midnite Snake / Birdman Records
BattlesIPT-2Ep C / Monitor Records
Christian MarclayPittsburg, July 5, 2002
Dj Trio / Asphodel
PorestFist Dumplings
Prude Juice for the Heritage S / Seeland Records
CassetteboyIf That's Yer AttitudeParker Tapes, the / Barry's Bootlegs