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Fri Jun 21, 2002 fri 6-9 p.m. 
Black, Jim/Alas no AxisBlissed (Selfchatter Mix)
Splay /
Komar/Melamid/SoldierThe Most Unwanted Song
People's Choice Music, the /
Guided By VoicesThe Brides Have Hit GlassIsolation Drills /
the Promise RingSuffer NeverWood/Water /
Wil MaringThe 28TH of AprilTurning of a Century, the /
Rundgren, ToddThe Night the Carousel Burned DownSomething/Anything /
Syl Johnson & JimmyOprahTwo Johnsons Are Better than /
BlackaliciiosThe Fabulous OnesNia /
Theo BleckmannStatic Still
Origami /
Oliver MtukudziKusekana KwanakambaVhunze Moto /
OojamiEsrarBellydancing Breakbeats /
Eric DolphyBird's MotherFar Cry! /
TullycraftTweeBeat Surf Fun /
Azure RayNo Signs of PainNovember /
Neuburg, Amy X & MenNaked PuppetsSports! Chips! Booty! /
the Jim Yoshi Pile-UpMonotonologueIt's Winter Here /
the Dillinger Escape PlanDestro's SecretCalculating Infinity /
DespiteEnslavedDestroyers Will Be Destroy, th /
DevoSmart Patrol/Mr. DnaPioneers Who Got Scalped /
Jay MunlyCircle Round My Bedside
Jimmy Carter Syndrome /
They Might Be GiantsAna, NgSevere Tire Damage /
Tom WaitsBig in JapanMule Variations /
Windsor for the Derby[untitled track 4]Earnest Powers + /
Yves DaoustNuit [excerpt]Bruits /
Fairport ConventionThe Banks of Sweet PrimrosesXXXV /
Glitter Mini NineOle'Kiss the Liberator /
Claire ByrneJim Donoghue's / The Hills of Tipperary / The Connaught HeifersHumors of Piping, the /
Mates of StateI Have SpaceMy Solo Project /
the Kirby GripsRestraining OrderCherry Stem Concertos, the /
Tim BerneClown Finger
Science Friction /