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Sun Nov 14, 2004 4pm - 6pm 
This Is My FistStory of ReconversionI Don't Want to Startle You Bu / Off the Dial
Modern MachinesHome Is Where the Hicks Is
Thwap! / New Disorder Records
RingwurmNomadRingwurm / Probe Records (Ca)
R.A.M.B.OJesus' Middle Initial Does NWall of Death the System / Six Two Five Thrashcore
the FeldmansSatans Cheerleaders
Take Ii / Outer a Records
Capitalist CasualtiesOn the TakeA Collection of Out-Of-Print / Slap a Ham
Artimus PyleOne of MillionsFucked From Birth / Prank
Song of ZarathustraMess of ZeroBirth of Tragedy, the / Troubleman Unlimited
EskapoBalewalang SamahanEskapo / Independent
FeudRitualized Revolution
Battling Bastards of Freedom / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Songs for EmmaParameters of CompassionRed Lies and Black Rhymes / Broken Rekids
Huggy BearSizzle MeetTaking the Rough with the Smoo / Kill Rock Stars
TragedyThe Point of no ReturnTragedy / Tragedy Records
DS-13Nuclear HolocaustVad Vet Vi Om Kriget? / Deranged Records
Look Back and LaughSlogans
Look Back and Laugh / None
Look Back and LaughCharred Flock
Look Back and Laugh / None
Sunday Morning Einstein'sKop 2 Betala for 3
Kangnave / Prank
LaudanumBlack Rain
Apotheker, the / Blurred Records
CarniceriaGrip OffHRPS Vol 1 / HRPS
A Great DivideStraight Up MauriceA Great Divide / Frenetic Records
Clikatat IkatowiDna TimebombClikatat Ikatowi / Gravity Records
Big BoysWise UpSkinny Elvis / Touch and Go
BenumbWhat's Done Is DoneBenumb Vs. Pig Destroy / Robotic Empire
UnruhDisdainSetting Fire to Sinking Ships / Pessimiser Records
Fall of the BastardsIn the Midst of Obsolete
Dusk of An Ancient Age / Intolerant Messiah
DystrophyLas Palomas SongNice Kids / Crucial Records
Astrid OtoNasser Pt. 2Discography / No Idea
Really RedDecay
Teaching You the Fear / Empty Records
Slant 6BabydollInzombia / Dischord
El'zabar, Kahil/David MurrayOne World Family
We Is / Delmark Records
Cooper-Moore/Assif TsaharAmerica
America / Hopscotch Records
Dragons 1976Canopy
On Cortez / Locust Music
Two Separate GorillasA440 or Fight
Two Separate Gorillas / Trigon Records
Dan PlonseyJ
Portcullis / Unlimited Sedition
Dan PlonseyK
Portcullis / Unlimited Sedition
Dan PlonseyL
Portcullis / Unlimited Sedition
Dan PlonseyL2
Portcullis / Unlimited Sedition
Dan PlonseyM
Portcullis / Unlimited Sedition
the Vandermark 5Knock Yourself Out
Elements of Style, Exercises / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Kuti, Fela AnikulapoRoforofo FightRoforofo Fight/Fela Singles / Mca Records