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Tue Nov 09, 2004 3pm - 5pm 
BalancemanPlease Refuse the Ham SandwiWelcome to Balanceland / Nutmeats Recordings
BalancemanStick to the PlanWelcome to Balanceland / Nutmeats Recordings
Tania LibertadAnda Mareado
Women of Latin America / Putumayo World Music
Amalia RodriguesSo a Notinha
Early Recordings / (Unknown)
El GuapoHollywood Crew
Fake French / Dischord
Radio 4Save Our CityGotham! / DFA
GoGoGo AirheartWhen Introductions BeginLove My Life...Hate My Friends / Bottleneck
GoGoGo AirheartWhen the Flesh HitsExitheUXA / San Diego Baby!
Erase ErrataFrench CanadisOther Animals / Troubleman Unlimited
Black EyesKing's Dominion
Black Eyes / Dischord
Moving UnitsBetween Us and ThemMoving Units EP / Rx
the Black KeysGrown So Ugly
Rubber Factory / Fat Possum Records
The CrampsI Can't Hardly Stand ItBad Music For Bad People / A&M
The CrampsShe SaidBad Music For Bad People / A&M
Kid 606Retreatm, the Most Familiar
Dancing Machine: Erase / Troubleman Unlimited
Veronica Lipgloss and the EvilUnicorn SongVeronica Lipgloss and the Evil / Cochon Records
the VanishingPrincess Poison
Songs for Psychotic Children / Gold Standard Laboratorie
the Chinese StarsSick MachineTurbo Mattress / Skin Graft Records
CaesuraTaxi'dWallpaper the Witness / Birds Go South Records
The CostSome Bunnies Are Faster Than OthersThe Cost / Bad Monkey
Paperchase, theGod Bless Your Black HeartGod Bless Your Heart / Kill Rock Stars
the Blood BrothersUsa Nails
Burn Piano Island, Burn / Artist Direct Records
the Great Redneck HopeI Don't Lift Weigths to Impr
'splosion / Thinker Thought Records
HellaBeen a Longtime CousinHold Your Horse Is / Rue Christian Records
Don CaballeroStupid PumaDon Caballero 2 / Touch and Go
Lightning BoltAssassinsWonderful Rainbow / Load Records
hero of 100 fightssaying it's all in the mathhero of 100 fights / divot records
the FaintSex Is PersonalBlank-Wave Arcade / Saddle Creek Records
the FaintGlass Danse WorldDanse Macabre / Saddle Creek
the FaintLet the Poison Spill FromDanse Macabre Remixes / Astralwerks