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Thu Oct 21, 2004 9am - noon 
Nathanson, R. and Coleman, aBluesI Could've Been a Drum / Tzadik Records
Rosen, Jay QuartetAh Stenato!Cimposium Volume 8 / Creative Improvised Music
Don ByronI've Found a New Baby
Ivey-Divey / Blue Note
Denzler, Bertrand ClusterNowY? / Leo Records
Swallow, Steve/Ohad TalmorMaking Ends Meet
Bum's Tale, the / Palmetto Records
Parker/Schlippenbach/LyttonTo Avoid Monotony
America 2003 / Psi Records
FieldworkIn Medias ResYour Life Flashes / Pi Recordings
Rutherford, Paul TrioPrindalf
Gheim / Emanem
DempaGramophonyNine Fragments / Leo Records
Unstable EnsembleIn the Fullness of Time
Liturgy of Ghosts, the / Family Vineyard
Jonas TauberStepping Stones
Storm Walking Singing / Origin Records
Dave/Sclavis/Lee/Van DouglasRetracing 2
Bow River Falls / Premonition Records Inc.
Cecil TaylorUnit Structure/As of a Now/SUnit Structures / Blue Note
Warren, Dennis Full Metal RevoD.C.Watch Out! / Accurate Records
Baikida CarrollGriot's Last DanceMarionettes on a High Wire / Omnitone
Devil's Workshop Big BandHittin' the Wall
Idle Hands / Grantham Dispatch
Ex OrkestKokend AsfaltEen Rondje Holland / Ex Records
Art of Living Dangerously, the / Buckyball Records
Naked CityBatmanLive Vol. 1 / Tzadik Records
Mountain Od Self Assesment, th / Self Release
the ExDog Tree
Turn / Touch and Go
Trovesi, Gianluigi OttetoSiparietto 1
Fugace / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Gary ThomasPeace of the KorridorFound on Sordid Streets / Winter & Winter
Less of FiveLoop
Acrobati Folli E Innamorati / Nine Winds
Joane HetuLumiere De FebrierMusique D'hiver / Ambiances Magnetique
Bobby BradfordHm Louis I
Love's Dream / Emanem