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Wed Oct 20, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
ZandosisDick Cheney Bleeding
Z Vs. W / Old Gold
King MissileMeditation Is Boring
Royal Lunch / Important Records
ZandosisCondoleezza Rice Eaten
Z Vs. W / Old Gold
Dolly PartonStairway to HeavenLive and Well / Sugar Hill Records
ZandosisColin Powell Uncle Tom
Z Vs. W / Old Gold
Two GallantsThe Throes
Throes, the / Alive Records
William ShatnerWhat Havn't You Done
Has Been / Shout! Factory
ZandosisWilliam Kristol Raped
Z Vs. W / Old Gold
Digger & the PussycatsI Went Out Looking
Young, Tight & Alright / Spooky Records Australia
the Dt'sChopper
Hard Fixed / Estrus Records
NaggWe're Really Gonna Raise the
Nagg / Dollar Record Records
Turn Me on Dead ManApocalypse Rock
God Bless the Electric Freak / Self Release
Real LosersWoke Up this Morning with
Broad Daylight / Pussycat Records
Elvis PresleyHounddogElvis' Golden Hits / RCA
th Knights of the New CrusadeHe Has Risen
My God Is Alive! Sorry About Y / Gabriel's Trumpet
Jerry Kole and the Strokers409 WoodieHod Rod Alley / Crown Records
Dick DaleThe Fairest of the AllWild Hot Rod Wails / Diplomat
The Beach BoysShut DownShut Down / Capitol
Nikki and the CorvettesHe's a MoverNikki and the Corvettes / Bomp!
the StumpsThink of the Good Times
Tucson 60'S Sound, the / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
"Wild" Bill Kennedy and the TwMary Lou
Heart So Cold! the Nor / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Four RoguesIll Be Glad
Sigh Cry Die / Arf Arf Records
Four RoguesThe RalphieParty Party Party / Arf Arf Records
Wild KnightsBeaver PatrolEssential Pebbles... / Aip
Brian WilsonHeroes and Villains
Smile / Nonesuch
Tippy CanoePuerto Rico
Sneak Peek: a Sampling of The. / <No Label Info>
Sam PhillipsI Dreamed I Stopped Dreaming
A Boot and a Shoe / Nonesuch
Saul WilliamsList of Demands
Saul Williams / Fader
Extreme AnimalsYou Got Trolled
Dare I Say Troll / Snse
Wolf EyesStabbed in the Face
Burned Mind / Sub Pop Records
Otto Van SchirachG4 Scramblin
Global Speaker Fisting / Asphodel
Tax Cuts for Nose Jobs / Snse
Butthole SurfersCowboy BobLive PCPPEP / Alternative Tentacles
Neil HamburgerNecrophiliaLeft For Dead in Malaysia / Drag City
Nautical AlmanacCross DementiaRooting for the Microbes / Load Records
Jungle RotLet Them Die
Fueled By Hate / Olympic Recordings
HewhocorruptsShe's a Fire Engine (Step 5:
Ten Steps to Success / 625 Thrashcore
the Medea ConnectionWork
Bell Ringer, the / Curve of the Earth
Einsturzende Neubauten13 Loecher (Lebel Ist Illega
Kalte Sterne - Early Recording / Mute Records Ltd
Artimus PyleShitstormFucked From Birth / Prank
Kiss It GoodbyeSick DayShe Loves Me, She Loves Me not / Revelation Records
Brutal TruthGodplayerNeed to Control / Earache
HollydriftHaven of Rest
Waiting for the Tiller / Parasomnic Records
SwansKill the ChildKill the Child / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio