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Wed Oct 13, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
King MissileAnother Political Poem
Royal Lunch / Important Records
William ShatnerYou'll Have Time
Has Been / Shout! Factory
Joey RamoneWhat a Wonderful World
Don't Worry About Me / Sanctuary Records Inc.
Wainwright, Loudon 3Heaven
So Damn Happy / Sanctuary Records
Big LouIs Anything Better than BeerDogs Playing Polka / Independent
Wolf EyesDead in a Boat
Burned Mind / Sub Pop Records
Einsturzende NeubautenThirsty Animal
Kalte Sterne - Early Recording / Mute Records Ltd
Nautical AlmanacExterior Beaten Bluntly, CluRooting for the Microbes / Load Records
Lee RanaldoBroken CircleBroken Circle/Spiral Hill / Starlight Furniture Co.
HollydriftDefense West of Town
Waiting for the Tiller / Parasomnic Records
NONCruenta VoluptasBlood and Flame / Mute
Schedule IiA Drug Free America
A Drug Free America / Ergot Records
Cheech and ChongThe BustBig Bambu / Ode
th Knights of the New Crusade"E" Is for Evil
My God Is Alive! Sorry About Y / Gabriel's Trumpet
King MissileAmerica Kicks Ass
Royal Lunch / Important Records
Tippy CanoeWhy Must I Be...
Sneak Peek: a Sampling of The. / <No Label Info>
A Sleeping Irony/
A Sleeping Irony / No Label
Six Organs of AdmittanceThe Manifestation
Manifestation, the / Strange Attractors Audio
Extreme Animals...
Dare I Say Troll / Snse
Cobra KillerL.A. Shaker
76/77 / Monika
Mike and the RavensOobie Doobie Do
Heart So Cold! the Nor / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
the IntrudersBaby Do
Tucson 60'S Sound, the / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Mere ExistenceNow
Sigh Cry Die / Arf Arf Records
Real LosersWoke Up this Morning with
Broad Daylight / Pussycat Records
Elvis McmanSlow Children
We Aint Housewife Mate / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Four RoguesThe RalphieParty Party Party / Arf Arf Records
the HomosexualsNeutron Lover
An Introduction to Astral Glam / Hyped 2 Death
the ExHuriyet
Turn / Touch and Go
Secret Chiefs 3Exterminating Angel
Book of Horizons / Mimicry Recordings
the DagonsUrdoguzes
Unquiet Grave Vol 4 / Cleopatra Records
End Note / Neurot Recordings
Laura VeirsEther Sings
Carbon Glacier / Nonesuch
Paula FrazerA Place Where I Know
A Place Where I Know / Birdman Records
His Name Is AliveHow Ghosts Affect RelationshLivonia / Rykodisc
ZelienopleDont Be Lonely
Sleeper Coach / Loose Thread Recordings
the Rogers SistersFreight Elevator
Three Fingers / Bmi
the Fiery FurnacesPaw Paw Tree
Blueberry Boat / Rough Trade
Savath & SavalasSota L'aiguaManana / Warp Records
Limited ExpressMorphin' FelletExperimental Express / Independent
Breaker! Breaker!Twilight DependenciesWhere All the Birds Yell / Velocirecords
the VexTake Back TonightVex, the / <No Label Info>
Ain't101 California
Death Rattle & Roll Vo / Wondertaker