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Wed Sep 29, 2004 9am - noon 
Jonathan RichmanNot So Much to Be Loved As O
Not So Much to Be Loved As to / Vapor Records
Jason WebleyWith
Only Just Beginning / Springman Records
VetiverOh Papa
Vetiver / Dicristina Star Builders
David ByrneWhy
Grown Backwards / Nonesuch
Eleni MandellWishboneLive on Kzsu 12/10/2003 / Outer a Records
Paula FrazerLike a Ghost
A Place Where I Know / Birdman Records
Oneil, Tara JaneFamous Yellow Belly
You Sound, Reflect / Quarterstick Records
the Fiery FurnacesPaw Paw Tree
Blueberry Boat / Rough Trade
Blonde RedheadKazuality
Fake Can Be Just As Good / Touch and Go
the Black KeysJust Couldn't Tie Me Down
Rubber Factory / Fat Possum Records
the Gris GrisEverytime
Gris Gris, the / Birdman Records
the DagonsUrdoguzes
Unquiet Grave Vol 4 / Cleopatra Records
ZelienopleDr. Brilliant
Sleeper Coach / Loose Thread Recordings
Soft MachineSlighty All the Time
Live in Paris / Cuneiform Records
the AvantageZelda - Fortress
Avantage, the / 5RC
the Billy Nayer ShowDreamland Massacre
Goodbye Straplight Sarentino, / Big Sam's Giant Records
Epikurs EuforieTxtcon Txtnon
Lurking for Pray / None
Guaranteed KatchBleu Puff
In a Sumptuous Brown Gravey / Self Release
the HomosexualsPrestel
An Introduction to Astral Glam / Hyped 2 Death
Four RoguesThe RalphieParty Party Party / Arf Arf Records
the Rogers SistersThe Secrets of Civilization
Three Fingers / Bmi
EnablersA not So Pretty Sight in
End Note / Neurot Recordings
AmoebaIt's ArtasticTarot or Aorta / The Smack Shire
Extreme AnimalsYou Got Trolled
Dare I Say Troll / Snse
Limited ExpressStop GoExperimental Express / Independent
CaesuraTaxi'dWallpaper the Witness / Birds Go South Records
the DwarvesBetter Be WomenCome Clean / Epitaph Records
BoyskoutSecretsBoyskout 7" / Isota
Call and Responsetrack 10
Winds Take no Shape / Badman Recording Company
Total ShutdownThe Pond
Frisco Styles / Now Rainbow Records
Total ShutdownThe Pond
Frisco Styles / Now Rainbow Records
Cobra KillerTenthousand Tissues
76/77 / Monika
I Am the World Trade CenterNo Expectations
Cover Up, the / Gammon Records
ColderThis River
Again / Output Recordings
DaedelusDaedelus Mix2806:42:12 / Mush
buy david odd nosdamyour american bonus pt.1your american bonus / anticon
TRS-80Act Like a Teenager
Found / Found Magazine
Boom BipIn the Tree TopCorymb / Lex
People Like UsTremble ready12" remixes / boniato
Lutz GlandienFour Bedrooms
Lost in Rooms / Rer Megacorp
SubsoniqTsavNot Responding / Nmc Music
Us MapleLay Lady Lay
Purple on Time. / Drag City
Frost...I Lay My Ear to Furious L
Steel Wound / Room 40
FrostYou, Me and the End of Every
Steel Wound / Room 40