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Tue Sep 28, 2004 2pm - 5pm 
Lars HorntvethMars Bar (Call for Gary!)
Pooka / Smalltown Supersound
Steel Wound / Room 40
Rotem OrCharges
Inside Looking Out - a / Nmc Music
Park Avenue MusicSun = So Bright
Blue / Dreams By Degrees
SubsoniqTunnelNot Responding / Nmc Music
FogSee It? See It?Ether Teeth / Ninja Tune
TapeCrippled Tree
Milieu / Hapna
Robert RichParrellel Horizon
Open Window / Soundscape Productions
TuxedomoonThe TrainShip of Fools / Restless Records
Bragg, BillyEverybody loves you babeWilliam Bloke / Elektra
Bryant KongThe Unknown
Poetry of Donald R, the / Stuffed Penguin
the Magnetic FieldsI Thought You Were My Boyfri
I / Nonesuch
Felix Da HousecatNeon Human
Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever / Emperor Norton
Jason WebleyIcarus
Only Just Beginning / Springman Records
Jonathan RichmanVincent Van Gogh
Not So Much to Be Loved As to / Vapor Records
Jonathan RichmanSalvador Dali
Not So Much to Be Loved As to / Vapor Records
the Billy Nayer ShowHead of a Cat
Goodbye Straplight Sarentino, / Big Sam's Giant Records
David ByrneCivilization
Grown Backwards / Nonesuch
Hitchcock, RobynGene Hackman <hidden>Jewel for Sophia / WB
This Bike Is a Pipe BombBoard of Tourism
Front Seat Solidarity / Plan-It-X Records
SchwartzeneggarRulers of the RoostWay Things Are...And Other, th / Allied Records
the HomosexualsPrestel
An Introduction to Astral Glam / Hyped 2 Death
Hitchcock, RobynJewel for SophiaJewel for Sophia / WB
Myracle BrahClimbing on a Star
Treblemaker / Rainbow Quartz
Minus StoryGravity Pulls
Captain Is Dead Let the Dr, th / Jagjaguwar
Of MontrealErroneous Escape Into Erik
Satanic Panic in the Attic / Polyvinyl Record Co.
the DagonsHeaven Wasn't in the Sky
Teeth for Pearls / Dead Sea Captian Records
the FallPortugal
Real New Fall Lp, the / Narnack Records
the SecondsGot LaidY / 5 Rue Christine
Les Savy FavThe Sweat Descends
Inches / Frenchkiss Records
Maher Shalal Hash BazSunrise
Blues Du Jour / Geographic Records
Castle OldchairBackwards (Running River)
Sad Pants / Standard Recording Compan
Dear NoraHere We Come AroundMountain Rock / Magic Marker Records
Naomi AdivOutside Ohio
All I Have / <No Label Info>
Oneil, Tara JaneFamous Yellow Belly
You Sound, Reflect / Quarterstick Records
D.W. Holiday30 Cans
Technical Difficulties, Under / Three Ring Records
Jay Walk SnailI Saw Kevin
Drunken Driver/Save Long L, th / Nmc Music
Webley, JasonDance while the sky crashes outAgainst the Night / springman
Shrub, George, and Lippman, DaThe Twelve Days of Bushmas
Singing Cia Agent George Shrub / Urgent Records
Anat DamonFlowers Growing
Falling / (Unknown)
Call and ResponseColors Bleed
Winds Take no Shape / Badman Recording Company
Stereolab"...Sudden Stars"
Margerine Eclipse / Elektra Records (East Coa
Blue Album / Ato Records
d gomez and bulldog with greg palastsilence of the media lambsSay it loud new songs for peace / pacifica radio
Dinosaur Jr.Not the SameWhere You Been / Sire Records (Modern)
Bob DylanMake You Feel My LoveTime Out of Mind / Columbia Records (College
Verlaine, TomSwimCover / WB
Jonathan RichmanNot So Much to Be Loved As O
Not So Much to Be Loved As to / Vapor Records
VetiverOh Papa
Vetiver / Dicristina Star Builders
Jay Walk SnailMy Jaguar
Drunken Driver/Save Long L, th / Nmc Music