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Thu May 23, 2002 5-7pm 
Comet GainMy DefianceRealistes /
the BangsDocudramaSweet Revenge /
Glass CandyThe Fairy Feller's Master St
Dynamite with a Laserb /
the NeedThe Green ManalishiStructure of Scien, the /
Dog Faced HermansSuppressaMental Blocks for All Ages /
StraconyThe Other SideBeware - Bombs Are Hanging Ove /
SilverfishWhite LinesFat Axl /
Uncle WigglyThe Rick Go RoundDark Beloved Cloud Sin /
Tourettes LautrecKiller Queen
Dynamite with a Laserb /
SawpitStudlessFormer Members of Alfo /
TomahawkGod Hates a CowardTomahawk /
Mandible ChatterSo HotFood for the Moon /
the LiesSee Emily PlaySee Emily Play /
Fairport ConventionA Sailor's LifeWatching the Dark Richard Thompson box set /
Black SabbathHand of DoomParanoid /
Gira, M. / Matz, D.Is / WasWhat We Did /
Young, Neil (soundtrack)Guitar Solo 1Dead Man /
R.A.M.B.ORockin with KropotkinWall of Death the System /
Countdown to OblivionMore Dead Kennedys (Aka SingCountdown to Oblivion/ /
Countdown to OblivionPoster Children for Family VCountdown to Oblivion/ /
the LocustFlash's Theme
Dynamite with a Laserb /
Vulgar PigeonsMsgSummary Execution /
Creation is CrucifixionGame BoyLive on KZSU 11/29/01 /
KalibasCyanideologyStruggling Through Life a Minute and a Half at a Time /
Burnt By the SunShooter McgavinSoundtrack to the Personal Re /
Heaven Shall BurnThe Fourth Crusade
Asunder /
GodfleshLike RatsStreetcleaner /
CyclobeBig AnimalLuminous Darkness /