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Fri Sep 24, 2004 6pm - 7pm 
NeurosisA Season in the Sky
Eye of Every Storm, the / Neurot Recordings
Steve Von TillDawn
Unquiet Grave Vol 4 / Cleopatra Records
Blut Aus NordInner Metal Cage
Work Which Transforms God, the / Candlelight Records
Nattfodd / Century Media
Venomous ConceptWeirdo
Retroactive Abortion / Ipecac Records
BallastFortress North AmericaNumb Again / Ballast Records
FeudRitualized Revolution
Battling Bastards of Freedom / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Strong IntentionCoercion of the Week
Extermination Vision / Coalition
Goat HornRe-Animation
Storming the Gates / Basement Metal
SodomBlasphemerCOLL: Speed Metal / Metal Blade
VoetsekSee You in Hell
Castrator Album, the / Six Weeks
DeadfallFrom BeyondComrades EP / 626 Thrashcore
Capitalist CasualtiesViolence JunkieDisassembly Line / Slap a Ham
Capitalist CasualtiesBeggars Can't Be ChoosersDisassembly Line / Slap a Ham
Raw PowerState Oppression/Joe's The BestScreams From The Gutter / Toxic Shock
Strong BadMoving Very Slowly
Strong Bad Sings and Other / Harmless Music
Burning ImageAnytime, Anywhere1983 - 1987 / Alternative Tentacles
1349The BladeBeyond the Apocalypse / Candle Records
EinherjerNaar Hammerem HevesFirestarter / Century Media
MotorheadLife's a Bitch
Inferno / Sanctuary Records