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Thu Sep 23, 2004 9am - noon 
Charles MingusHora DecubitusSoul Fusion / Pickwick Records
Sam/Rudolph/Eisenstadt RiversPhilio
Vista / Meta Records
Sonny SimmonsVisionsManhattan Egos / Arhoolie
Jemeel/Parker/Drake MoondocSpirit HouseNew World Pygmies Vol. 2 / Eremite
Vinny GoliaThe Mozart of Vice
A Gift for the Unusual / Nine Winds
Univers ZeroTemps NeufsImplosion / Cuneiform Records
Tin Hat TrioElliot Carter FamilyBook of Silk / Ropeadope
the Ex & GuestsIf the Hat Fits the SuitInstant / Ex Records
Two Separate GorillasNo Harm, no Foul, no ...
Two Separate Gorillas / Trigon Records
Ginseng / Altri Suoni
Shrimp BoatMotorcade
[A Sampler Of] Something Grand / Aum Fidelity
Yoshida TatsuyaNivraymNivraym / Magaibutsu
Experimental Dental SchoolSkinny RabbitExperimental Express / Independent
Dill, Mustafa Stefan TrioWrath of God
Run for Heaven / Norumba Records
Burnt SugarThe Rites #5The Rites / Avantgroid
Yesterdays New QuintetRocket Love Pt. 1
Stevie / Stones Throw
Jacob YoungPresence of Descant
Evening Falls / Ecm Records (Jazz)
SubsoniqDeluxeNot Responding / Nmc Music
LiquorballUntitledTarot or Aorta / The Smack Shire
Cline, Nels/Vinny GoliaFond Rememberances of ...
Entire Time, the / Nine Winds
Marc RibotPennies From Hell
Scelsi Morning / Tzadik Records
Claudine CouleMy Darling
Found / Found Magazine
Soft MachineSlighty All the Time
Live in Paris / Cuneiform Records
Stark RealityJunkman's Song
Now / Stones Throw
ScarabLost Sonic, theSecrets of the Past and Future / Wordsound Recordings
Marc DucretLustL'ombra Di Verdi / Screwgun Records
Vivian SistersLipgloss IguanaVivian Sisters / Disk Union
Vacuum Tree HeadAche to OweOob Eye Works, the / Megaphone Records
Limited ExpressStop GoExperimental Express / Independent