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Sat Sep 18, 2004 9pm - midnight 
T-rexshock rocktank / ariola
miss derringerdear johnnyking james,crown royal and a colt 45 / sympathy for the record industry
the satellitersclose to nothingthe thyme is now / pin up
Two Lone SwordsmenSex BeatDouble Gone Chapel, the / Warp Records
Switchblade SymphonyNovocaine Live
Unquiet Grave Vol 4 / Cleopatra Records
Experimental Dental SchoolPoison ReverbExperimental Express / Independent
frank zappadrowning witchship arriving too late to save a drowning witch / barking pumpkin
MetaluxRotisserarie Voodoo Llama
Waiting for Armadillo / Load Records
the HeadsTrorrp Amrio
At Last / Sweet Nothing
the Blunder ChildrenDead Letter City
Blunder Children, the / Water Bear Records
Fur Cups for TeethBoxed Lunch
Allergic 2 Fur / Independent
Black Lips!M.I.A
We Did not Know the Forest Spi / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
NaggShes in Love with You
Nagg / Dollar Record Records
riot a go-goa piece of ita piece of it / squeeky wheelz
weirdosidle lifewho? what? when? where? why? / bomp
50 MillionGod Damn It
Bust the Action / Broken Rekids
dirty and the donutsbooze- / -
the janitorsthe devil goes to whitley baygood morning mister presley(comp.) / a grunt grunt a go go
Broken Hearted DragonfliesBrood X
Insect Electronica From Se Asi / Sublime Frequencies
dwarvesanybody out theresugarfix / sub pop
Zeke383'til the Livin' End / Relapse Records
a.f.u.wrecka.f.u. / dont compare
97624Avoid the 13 / Honest Abe's Custom Recor
mdcjohn wayne was a nazimore dead cops 1981-1987 / boner
dementedback to the bedthe best from smoke 7 records / bomp
dirt30 my gunblack and white / skuld
Robert RichParting Clouds
Open Window / Soundscape Productions
fangi wanna be on t.v.where the wild things are / boner
angry samoansgas chamberback from samoa / triple x
the undeadr.a.t.t.f.i.n.k.dawn of the undead / shagpile
mox nixwe wont be controlledall for one, one for all(comp.) / grand theft audio
conflict1986 the battle continuesthe ungovernable force / mortarhate
u.k. subsrebel radiorebel radio / new red archives
sloppy secondsi dont wanna be a homosexualdestroyed / toxic shock
the Mentally IllStarbeat: not Quite Dead Yet
Gacy's Place: the Undiscovered / Alternative Tentacles
s.h.a.t.chocking on gummi worms- / -
the FallMiles Love Hexagon
Real New Fall Lp, the / Narnack Records
Brian OsborneIae, Tired of DarknessMusic Concatenate / Independent