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Sat Sep 11, 2004 3pm - 6pm 
LaibachOpus Dei (Live Is Life)Opus Dei / Mute Records Ltd
Stahlwerk9La Complainte du Partisan (Oradour I)Oradour / Achtung Baby!
Ah-Cama SotzU-Boot ThemeU-Boot / Nautilus
DarkwoodConquer We ShallFlammende Welt / Heidenvolk
Broken Hearted DragonfliesBrood X
Insect Electronica From Se Asi / Sublime Frequencies
ArcanaSong of the Dead SunInner Pale Sun / Cold Meat Industry
Ay-Kherel14Music of Tuva, the / Arc Music Inc.
Throbbing GristlePersuasion Usa
Taste of Tg, the / Industry Records
Coph NiaOpus 77That Which Remains / Cold Meat Industry
KholdMorke Gravers KammerMorke Gravers Kammer / Candlelight Records
Ministry23 - Bonus Track
Houses of the Mole / Sanctuary Records
Current 93Hitler As KalkiThunder Perfect Mind / Durtro
Death in JuneBut, What Ends When Symbols Shatter?But, What Ends When Symbols Shatter? / Ner
LaibachDogs of WarNato / Mute Records
SpkCulturecideAuto Da Fe / Side Effects
StreicherMartyrdom's CallWar Without End / Cold Spring Records
StreicherWar Without EndWar Without End / Cold Spring Records
Fall of the BastardsIn the Midst of Obsolete
Dusk of An Ancient Age / Intolerant Messiah
Blut Aus NordAxis
Work Which Transforms God, the / Candlelight Records
the ForsakenFirst Weapon of Choice
Traces of the Past / Century Media
FinntrolDet Iskalla Trollblod
Nattfodd / Century Media
1349Internal WinterBeyond the Apocalypse / Candle Records
UlverWolf & the NightMadrigal of Night, the / Century Media
Agalloch...And the Great Cold DeathMantle, the / The End Records
My Dying BrideMy Hope, the DestroyerDreadful Hours, the / Peaceville Records
Amon AmarthVs the World
Versus the World / Metal Blade
SanctumIctusLupus in Fabula / Cold Meat Industry
PuissanceMother of DiseaseMother of Disease / Fluttering Dragon Records
The ProtagonistMutabilityA Rebours / Cold Meat Industry