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Thu Aug 19, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
VenomWitching HourWelcome to Hell / Sanctuary Records
Hammers of MisfortuneAn Oath Sworn in HellBastard, the / Tumult
1349Internal WinterBeyond the Apocalypse / Candle Records
Fall of the BastardsIn the Midst of Obsolete
Dusk of An Ancient Age / Intolerant Messiah
UnleashedThe Final SilenceShadows in the Deep / Century Media
NecronomiconThrough the Door of Time
Sacred Medicines, the / Skyscraper Music
the ForsakenSpirit in Black
Traces of the Past / Century Media
Human RemainsRoteUsing Sicknes as a Hero / Relapse
Every Time I DieThe Logic of CrocodilesFerret Music Corp / Ferret Music
Brutal TruthI See RedNeed to Control / Earache
NasumTools of the TradeRequiem of Revulsion / Necropolis Records
Napalm DeathAvalance Master Song (Feat. Godflesh) Live at ICA. London 29/06/90Noise for Musics Sake / Earache
Remote / Relapse Records
Crucial UnitThrashin' is Our Business and Business is Mediocre at BestEverything Went Strunk / De la Mente
Destroyed By Your Own Device / Six Weeks
Negative ApproachNegative ApproachTotal Recall / Touch and Go
VoetsekSee You in Hell
Castrator Album, the / Six Weeks
A Sleeping IronySemen Cocoon
A Sleeping Irony / No Label
Funeral DinerSyncopeDifference of Potential / Ape Must Not Kill Ape
FugaziSieve-Fisted Find/And the Same (live)11-2-96 Hong Kong South Island School Hall / diy
DimlaiaHide the Sun
Dimlaia / Life Is Abuse
Boris/Boris at LastFeedbackerFeedbacker / Diwphalanx
MetaluxCold-Tar Porch Thing
Waiting for Armadillo / Load Records
the Album LeafStreamside
In a Safe Place / Sub Pop Records
Banda Di AvolaNun Ti Lassu
'a Banna! / Felmay
Omara PortuondoAmorosa Guajira
Flor De Amor / Nonesuch
Thornton, Big MamaLife Goes onBig Mama/Muddy Waters Band / Arhoolie
Neko CaseIf I'm Gonna SinkTouch My Heart / Sugar Hill Records
John DanleyJesco Goes to NashvilleCemeteries, Missed Trains & Bl / A Priori Records
Richard ThompsonHow Does Your Garden Grow?156 Strings / Cuneiform Records
Marc RibotHadasha
Masada Guitars / Tzadik Records
Kaki KingClose Your Eyes & You'll Burst Into FlamesEverybody Loves You / Velour Recordings, Inc.
CocorosieTerrible Angels
La Masion De Mon Reve / Touch and Go
Joanna NewsomSprout and the Bean
Milk-Eyed Mender, the / Drag City
Jason WebleyMusic that Puts Everything T
Only Just Beginning / Springman Records
Iron & the AlbatrossBlackbeard
Iron & the Albatross / Independent
The ExThe Flutes TaleV/A Hallelujah, Anyway - Remembering Tom Cora / Tzadik
DnaYou and You
Dna on Dna / No More Records
WireOutdoor MinerChairs Missing / EMI
Rhythm King and Her FriendsPants
Toxic Girls! - Nightwa / Tsunami-Addiction
the Fiery FurnacesLeaky Tunnel
Gallowsbird's Bark / Rough Trade Records
Melt-BananaShield for your eyes, a Beast in the Well on Your HandCell-Scape / A-Zap