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Tue Aug 17, 2004 9pm - midnight 
Six Organs of AdmittanceThe Manifestation
Manifestation, the / Strange Attractors Audio
the Gris GrisMe Queda Um Bejou
Gris Gris, the / Birdman Records
Animal CollectiveKids on Holiday
Sung Tongs / Fat Cat Records
CocorosieGood Friday
La Masion De Mon Reve / Touch and Go
Devendra BanhartRejoicing in the HandsRejoicing in the Hands / Young God Records
MirahYou've Gone Away Enough
C'mon Miracle / K Records
WilcoWishful Thinking
A Ghost Is Born / Nonesuch
Sonic YouthPaper CUp ExitSonic Nurse / Geffen
Nels Cline SingersCarry Torh for HThe Giant Pin / Cryptogramophone
Gorge TrioThe Invisible Student
Open Mouth, O Wisp / Skin Graft Records
Nles CLine & Vinny GoliaDiviningThe Entire Time / Nine Winds
Spring Heel JackTrack Four
Sweetness of the Water, the / Thirsty Ear Communication
the Exciting TrioNine Years
In Chicago there Is Willy / 482 Music
Steel Wound / Room 40
Frost...I Lay My Ear to Furious L
Steel Wound / Room 40
DeerhoofHalfmole Halfbird
Halfbird / Menlo Park Recordings
Epikurs EuforieWaltzing with Evil
Lurking for Pray / None
DnaNew New
Dna on Dna / No More Records
Complete Studio Recordings, th / G3G Records
Rapider than HorsepowerI Have Never Played the Monk
Stage Fright, Stage Fright... / Essay
U.S. MapleBreeze, It's Your High ...Talker / Drag City
Raymond ScottLimbo: the Organized Mind
Manhattan Research Inc. / Basta
Cerberus ShoalBaby GalBastion of Itchy Preeves / North East Indie
Blackout BeachIf I were not Alexander, I would like to be ______Ligth flows the Putrid Dawn / Soft Abuse
Six Organs of AdmittanceThe Six Stations
Manifestation, the / Strange Attractors Audio
CanSprayEge Bamasi / Mute