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Sun Aug 15, 2004 noon - 3pm 
the Album LeafAnother Day (Revised)
In a Safe Place / Sub Pop Records
the Album LeafStreamside
In a Safe Place / Sub Pop Records
LanternaClear BlueHighways / Badman Recording Company
MumWeeping Rock, Rock
Summer Make Good / Fat Cat Records
FrostYou, Me and the End of Every
Steel Wound / Room 40
ZoolOsloEp One / Hidden Pleasure Recording
BlockheadSunday Scene
Music By Cavelight / Ninja Tune
Cinematic OrchestraEvolution Ii (Mr P Mix)
Zen Rmx Retrospective / Ninja Tune
Dzihan & KamienSmileFreaks & Icons / Six Degrees Records
Autour De LucieJe ReviensFaux Movement / Nettwerk Productions
Ezekiel HonigMore Human than HumanPeople Places & Things / Single Cell Music
Carson DayMusique Mort
Dielectric Records V.1 / Dielectric Records
Kim HiorthoyTrack 4
Live Shet / Smalltown Supersound
Mouse on MarsDownload SofistNiun Niggung / Thrill Jockey Records
Erika SimonianFood From the Cow
All the Plastic Animals / Self Release
Pj HarveyThe Desperate Kingdom of Lov
Uh Huh Her / Island Records
Eleni MandellAmerican Boy
Afternoon / Zedtone
ChumbawambaEverything You Know Is Wrong
Un / Mutt Records
Bebo & CigalaLagrimas Negras
Lagrimas Negras / Bluebird Records
What Sound - Deluxe / Koch Records
FenneszRivers of SandVenice / Touch
Gerrard, Lisa/Patrick CassidyElegy
Immortal Memory / 4AD
Michael GordonLight Is CallingLight Is Calling / Nonesuch
John AdamsChina Gates
Road Movies / Nonesuch
Joseph SchildkrautSleeping BeautyGrimm's Fairy Tales / Caedmon Records Inc.
Michael NymanMemorialEssential Michael Nyman Ba, Th / Argo