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Fri Aug 13, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
the Mentally IllStarbeat: Padded Cell
Gacy's Place: the Undiscovered / Alternative Tentacles
Destruction UnitInside of Me
Self-Destruction of a Man / Empty Records
ConfrontPublic OrderFor a Few Crash Helmet / Retch Records
MotorheadIn the Name of Tragedy
Inferno / Sanctuary Records
Poison IdeaUp FrontFourteen Songs for Gr / Tim/Kerr Records
SharpevilleThe One With A NameCOLL: Better Tommorrow? / Merwi
AmebixSpoils of VictoryArise / Alternative Tentacles
Really RedToo Political
Teaching You the Fear / Empty Records
Poison IdeaCop An AttitudeFor a Fistful of Yen / Century Media
Cryptic SlaughterReich Of TortureCOLL: Metal Massacre VII / Metal Blade
WarhammerMasters Of FatalismCurse of The Absolute Eclipse / Grind Syndicate Media
Burning ImageThe Lower Walks1983 - 1987 / Alternative Tentacles
976Avoid the 13Avoid the 13 / Honest Abe's Custom Recor
976Avoid the 13Avoid the 13 / Honest Abe's Custom Recor
SayyadinaNar Jag FallerSolace Denied / Sounds of Betrayal
SayyadinaBlack RoseSolace Denied / Sounds of Betrayal
AdolescentsAmobeaSlc Punk / Hollywood Records (Modern
DS-13I Won't Dance to ItVad Vet Vi Om Kriget? / Deranged Records
DS-13DekadensofferVad Vet Vi Om Kriget? / Deranged Records
SatyriconFuel for Hatred
Volcano / Kaleidoscope
CrudeOver The WindImmortality / Deranged
BombstrikeDom Kallar Det For Mitt Liv/Livets Laga SlocknarLivets Laga Slocknar / Livet Laga Slocknar
1349Beyond the ApocalypseBeyond the Apocalypse / Candle Records
Cuti SaddaBerimbau Beatdown!
Pentagrams All Up in My Bling / Daly City Records
Damage DepositMake The Skynrd Stop!Straight To The Bottom / Havoc
the RamonesPinheadLoud, Fast Ramones / Sire Records
Jud JudWere Back/Wah Wah/Harmonics/Speed Picking/Tune DownNo Tolerance For Instruments / Schemematics
EnforcerTrail Of DarknessTrail Of Darkness / Crucial Response
Rancid VatBreakin' BonesRadio Rampage - Live '96 / Brillancy Prize
ShotwellSwarmShotwell/Giant Bags of / Half-Day Records
Hue & CrySabotage/Stress Index/Just So You KnowRidicously Masculine demo cassette / Hue & Cry
the AdictsThat's HappinessTwenty-Seven / Cleopatra Records
SubversionTons Of TarCLL: Out Of Focus Vol. 11 / Psychedelic Fanzine
Krokus (Ragnar's Cheesecounter pick!)Headhunter (live version)Headhunter/Screaming In the Night 12" / Arista
KSUZlodziejCOLL: Polski Punk Underground 1977-82 / Supreme Echo
Nocne SzczuryPulapka na szczcuryCOLL: Poliski Punk Underground 1977-82 / Supreme Echo