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Thu Aug 12, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
CromThe Cocaine Wars 1974-1989The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989 / Pessimiser
1349Chasing DragonsBeyond the Apocalypse / Candle Records
Fall of the BastardsAngelrot
Dusk of An Ancient Age / Intolerant Messiah
MistressHit Bottom
Ii: the Chronovisor / Rage of Achilles
SatyriconRepined Bastard Nation
Volcano / Kaleidoscope
GhoulSewer Chewer
Maniaxe / Razorback Records
GhoulGhoul Hunter
Maniaxe / Razorback Records
CarcassSymposium If SicknessNecroticism - Descanting the I / (Unknown)
Dreamweaver / Nuclear Blast
PhobiaThe StenchGet Up and Kill! / Deep Six
Parade of the LifelessDoug Flutie Loves his Kiddie Pornsplit Noisear/Parade of the Lifeless / Attacked by Bees
NasumWorst Case ScenarioHelvete / Relapse
HeWhoCorruptsSaigon's Still Kickin (Step 7: Martial Your Own Arts)Ten Steps to Success / 625 Thrashcore
Remote / Relapse Records
WehrwolfeStainless Steel Lycanthropy
Godless We Stand / Magick Records
WolfpackPower and GreedAllday Hell / Crimes Against Humanity
Day of SufferingPawnThe Eternal Jihad / Lifeforce
Walls of JerichoThrough the Eyes of a Dreame
All Hail the Dead / Trustkill
DeadfallTear the Walls Down
Destroyed By Your Own Device / Six Weeks
VoetsekSee You in Hell
Castrator Album, the / Six Weeks
Runn-a-mucksFind My Way BackOf a Different Breed / Six Weeks
DS-13I Hate YouVad Vet Vi Om Kriget? / Deranged Records
Flowers in the AtticBlah Blah Blah Shit
Flowers in the Attic / Reptilian Records
FugaziTurnover/Reclamation6-28-92 Berlin, Germany Tempodrome / diy
DimlaiaNight Covers Massacre
Dimlaia / Life Is Abuse
Inferno / Sanctuary Records
Today Is the DayWhy They Hate Us
Kiss the Pig / Relapse Records
People Like UsHappy Valley RanchThe Streaming Lounge / diy
Le ScrawlStraight aheadEager to Please / Life is Abuse/R.S.R.
the Mass/
Live on Kzsu W.N.L / Outer a Records
MetaluxCold-Tar Porch Thing
Waiting for Armadillo / Load Records
NegativlandTruth in AdvertisingV/A Keep Left a benefit for David Barsamian / AceFu/Triage
FenneszCircassianVenice / Touch
Lutz GlandienThe House
Lost in Rooms / Rer Megacorp
FrostYou, Me and the End of Every
Steel Wound / Room 40
the Album LeafStreamside
In a Safe Place / Sub Pop Records
SigmatropicHaiku TenSixteen Haiku & Other Stories / Thirsty Ear Recordings
the Fiery FurnacesLeaky Tunnel
Gallowsbird's Bark / Rough Trade Records
ChumbawambaEverything You Know Is Wrong
Un / Mutt Records
Dada SwingPick Up YouV/A Fields and Streams / Kill Rock Stars
Dog Faced HermansSuppressaMental Blocks for all Ages / Konkurrel